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Yan Sun teaches undergraduate level courses in drawing, painting, and introduction to art; graduate level courses in Western and non-western art history, aesthetics and philosophy of Eastern art, art education, and comparative study of Eastern and Western art. Yan Sun is also a Study Abroad faculty leader of programs in China, Australia, and New Zealand.

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ART 241 PAINTING I (3) This course deals with the fundamentals of painting, including color theory, color mixing, preparation of canvas and other grounds, and care of materials. Aesthetic theories and criteria of excellence are introduced. Prerequisite: 111 or permission of the instructor

ART 341 PAINTING II (3) This course focuses upon personal expression and the decisions made in creative endeavors. Students explore individual solutions to painting problems and develop their own aesthetic and style. Prerequisite: 241

ART 441 PAINTING III (3) This course provides the advanced student with the opportunity to develop control and mastery of the techniques and methods acquired in 241 and 341. A personal aesthetic and style are emphasized. Prerequisite: 341


ART 112 DRAWING I (3)This course introduces the fundamentals of two dimensional composition through experiences designed to increase visual perception and provide technical skill. Students are introduced to visual concepts such as positive and negative space, linear perspective, and proportion. Discussion and critiques introduce aesthetic theories.

ART 212 DRAWING II (3)This course is a further development of the fundamentals presented in Drawing I, including a variety of media; subject matter including landscape, figure drawing, portrait and still life; and approaches to personal expression in drawing. Prerequisite: 112

ART 312 DRAWING III (3)This course builds upon Drawing I and Drawing II. with a focus on producing more personal and expressive drawing. Advanced composition, communication, content and idea development are emphasized. Prerequisite: 212

ART 412 LIFE DRAWING (3)This course consists of drawing from the nude, draped and clothed human figure, with emphasis on study of structure, proportion and anatomy for artists. Various media and approaches to drawing the figure are used. Prerequisite: 212 or permission of the instructor


ART 141 PHOTOGRAPHY (3) Introduces the fundamentals of photography. This course covers lenses, lighting, camera handling, and various techniques in photography. It also involves digital photo manipulation, matting and displaying prints. Emphasis is on historical development of photography, the study of composition, and creative approaches of photographic expression.

Other Undergraduate

ART 151 INTRODUCTION TO ART (3) This course expands the student's awareness and understanding of the visual arts through art theory and critical analysis by emphasizing present, historical and multi-cultural perspectives.

ART 490 SENIOR SEMINAR (1) This course provides the senior art major with a gallery exhibit experience. The student carries out all aspects of designing, publicizing, and hanging an exhibit of visual work done during college.

ART 491; 492; 493; 494 CREATIVE PROBLEMS (1-4) This course allows the advanced student to create independent work under faculty guidance with permission of the department chair.


ART 680 STUDIO CONCENTRATION FOR ART EDUCATORS This course is designed to extend the student's range of expression and communication through art by encouraging in-depth exploration of two and/or three-dimensional media, as well as challenge conceptual issues of contemporary art. Students learn strategies for incorporating new concepts and processes in the public school art classroom. The course is offered on demand by prior arrangement with the art department chair.

ART 681 RECOGNIZING AND ENCOURAGING CREATIVE BEHAVIOR This course is designed to develop strategies for incorporating creative approaches to instruction through an in-depth discussion of visual art. Emphasis placed on recognizing creative behavior in the classroom as well as enhancing/encouraging the creative process in students. Learn how to apply such strategies in extending student's artistic expression and communication and in encouraging student's in-depth exploration of two and/or three-dimensional media. The course is offered on demand by prior arrangement with the art department chair.

ART 682 19TH AND 20TH CENTURY ART HISTORY - French Art in the 19th Century and American Art in the 20th Century This course to provide a thorough understanding of the stylistic developments in painting and sculpture from the mid 19th century through Post-Modernism in contemporary art. It couples a intense survey of these movements and the artists who fueled them with discussions on employing art history concepts in art education in the public schools.

ART 683 IMAGE OF CHINESE ART This course consists of a discussion of Chinese painting, calligraphy, sculpture and architecture, as well as folk art. Other consideration will be given to a comparison of the Western painting with Chinese painting, and Western sculpture and Chinese sculpture. Sculptures of Qin, Han, and Tang Dynasties (220BC-907 AD) as well as paintings of Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qing Dynasties (960-1911) will be given special emphasis. Final attention will focus on the hands-on practice of student in creating art works using Chinese traditional media.

ART 684 AESTHETICS AND PHILOSOPHY OF EASTERN ART This course consists of a discussion of aesthetics and philosophy of eastern art. Eastern painting and sculpture will be introduced. Major philosophy schools will be introduced. Various ways of appreciating Eastern Art will be discussed. Differentiate Western art and Eastern art. Other class topics consists of practical experience of creating Chinese painting and calligraphy, as well as seal, using traditional Chinese art media.

ART 685 WESTERN AND EASTERN ART - A COMPARATIVE STUDY This course takes a comparative approach to a study of both Western and Eastern art. Contents will focus on some of the topics so as to discuss in greater depth: the relationship between nature and human being, the evolution of imagery concepts, the methods of expression, and other areas relating to cultural context. Arts of a variety of media will be discussed. Learning experiences will include exploratory activities of working with new technology, including the Internet and CD-ROM.

ART 686 AMERICAN ART HISTORY This course consists of a discussion of development and aesthetics of American art. American painting, sculpture, architecture, and decorative arts will be introduced. Major art schools will be introduced. Differences and similarities between American art and European art, as well as various ways of appreciating American art will be discussed.

ART 687 HISTORY OF CONTEMPORARY CHINESE ART Historical and aesthetic study of contemporary Chinese art, with special focus on the impact of particular historic events, the achievement of each main period, and the ongoing issue of modernity. This course explores the nature of contemporary Chinese art while probing to its development under the influence of Western arts. The characteristics of Chinese art will be compared to those in Europe and America as social and cultural phenomena. A critical analysis of Chinese art after openings of economy and culture to the international community is included.


Yan Sun has been invited to give lectures and demonstrations to groups and organizations such as Tuscarawas Center for the Arts, Zanesville Museum of Art, Zanesville Appalachian Art Project, East Ohio Art Guild, Ohio University-Zanesville, New Concord Area Art and Recreation District, and Cambridge School District.

Study Abroad

Yan Sun is a Study Abroad Faculty Leader. In recent years, Yan Sun taught study abroad programs in China, Australia, and New Zealand. View Study Abroad Photos

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