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Gallery Director

As the Director of Muskingum University's Louis Palmer Gallery from 1998, Yan Sun has curated many art exhibitions. These exhibitions have featured Muskingum University students as well as regional, national, and international artists.

Some well-known names are Marc Chagall, Robert Motherwell, Alexander Calder, Larry Stults, Jianmin Dou, Shengli Wang, Dennis Savage, Gerald Westgerdes, Michael Neilson, Alan Cottrill, Ernest Freed, and Marilyn Westgerdes.

Yan Sun has also cooperated with other art organizations to introduce artists of non-western tradition to the United States. For instance, “The Old Silk Road – Chinese Contemporary Painting” exhibition had displayed over 70 paintings in Tuscarawas Center for the Arts, New Philadelphia, and Zanesville Museum of Art, Zanesville.

For a list of art exhibitions organized by Yan Sun in the Louis Palmer Gallery and the University Library, please visit

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