Dr. Stephen Van Horn

Assistant Professor
Department of Geology

Office: 221 Boyd Science Center
Email: svanhorn@muskingum.edu
Phone: (740) 826-8306
Fax: (740) 826-8229

Structural Geology, Geomorphology, and Petrology

Special interests include dike emplacment mechanisms, the formation and distribution of joint in various rock lithologies, and the formation of landslides on reclaimed surface mines.

Triassic diabase cross-cutting Jura-Triassic sedimentary strata. Note dike offset. Ramon Crater, Israel (©Samuel Root)

Classes Taught:

Geol 101 Introduction to Geology

Geol 110 Environmental Geology (new LAE course offered Fall 2001, Fall 2002)

Geol 200 Oceanography (offered Spring 2003)

Geol 220 Landform Evolution (offered Spring 2002, Spring 2004)

Geol 313 Structural Geology (offered Spring 2002, Spring 2004)

Geog 111 World Regional Geography (offered Fall 2001, Spring 2002)

Geog 321 Weather and Climate (offered Spring 2003)

IDIS 100 First Year Seminar (offered Fall 2001)

IDIS 121 Environmental Issues (team taught with Dr. Ingold, Fall 2001, Spring 2002)

Fall 2001 Semester Schedule

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Undergraduate Research Projects

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