This site is linked to sites that provide job information about agencies that hire liberal arts students and current positions that are available in this region for psychology graduates. This is a good place to browse and learn about types of employment, salary, benefits, and requirements, as well as find a job.

    Ohio Bureau of Employment Services - Job seekers. Private and public sector job listings, job hunting issues, job listing links, job hunting tips and information, veterans and women's assistance.
    Six County Mental Health Organization. Offers details about the local organization and provides postings of current available positions that are in the nearby region.

    Northwest Pennsylvania Training Partnership Consortium, Inc. Offers employment and training services to individuals and local employers in the area of Clarion, Crawford, Forest, Venango, and Warren counties.
    Pennsylvania Jobs Commission. An elaborate site packed with information about potential employers throughout PA with detailed job postings and free resume listings.

  • College Grad Job Search. Good career/job search site. Employer data base, resume service, tips, etc.
  • NET-TEMP. A well organized, job database that allows individuals to create a Free Desktop for their Job Hunt.
  • JOBTRAK. A searchable database that lists daily over 3,000 new postings of positions throughout the nation. Loaded with information and tips for an effective job search. With over 3500 hits each day, this is the most popular job site on the internet.


  • Summer Internship in Animal Behavior.
    Yahoo Job Links. A good place to browse and eventually focus on positions and locations that are desirable.

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