Facilities: Cambridge Hall-2nd Floor

psych floor plan

PSYCHOLOGY OFFICES (240-245). The offices include a secretary station, individual offices for faculty, a student assistant workroom, and a storeroom. All faculty offices have outlets for the Department TV system.

CLASSROOMS (247, 249). The classrooms were designed for about 40 students each. Chalk boards are lighted and TV connections are available for receiving closed circuit, cable, or video tape and for originating programming.

SEMINAR ROOM (202). The seminar room is designed for about 16 students. It is TV equipped and can served as a closed circuit observation room for the Child Development Center and as a testing laboratory. Books and journals are provided for browsing when it is not in use for seminars.

Room 203

TEACHING LABORATORY (203). This lab is equipped with 12 networked student computer workstations. The lab provides facilities for group sessions in many different psychology lab courses.

SURGERY (204, entered from the teaching lab). The surgery is available to students and faculty for surgical work on laboratory animals. The surgery can be monitored by TV or directly from an adjacent room (205) with a window overlooking the surgery table.

REPAIR SHOP (207). The shop is used for building, repairing, and storing equipment. It is equipped with various power tools, hand tools, and supplies.

EQUIPMENT STORAGE ROOM (208). The room is home base for various pieces of portable equipment as well as supplies.

INDIVIDUAL RESEARCH ROOMS (211-218, 221-229). The rooms in the 211 wing are set up for work with animals. All these rooms are equipped with automatic timer lights and sinks. Some have additional facilities such as TV connections, one-way mirrors, sound systems or compressed air. All can receive cables form a control room at the end of the wing. The rooms in the 221 wing are set up for work with human subjects. All are carpeted and some have facilities similar to those in the animal research rooms. In addition to being used for research, the rooms in these two wings can be used for senior seminar study rooms.

Room 215

CENTER FOR CHILD DEVELOPMENT (230, 206). The Center for Child Development provides psychology students with opportunities to work with and observe both preschool and school age children. The Center includes a nursery school, preschool child care, and a Before/After School Program for school age children. All are licensed by the State of Ohio. In addition to appropriate play and educational equipment, the Child Development Center is equipped with full TV facilities, one-way observation rooms, and sleeping facilities.

OBSERVATION AND TV CONTROL ROOM (233). The room allows small groups to observe and listen to Center for Child Development activity. This room is also the control center for all the Department TV facilities.

DARKROOM (234, reached through 233). The darkroom is fully equipped for various kinds of photographic work. The room also does double duty as an additional observation room for the Center for Child Development (there is a one-way mirror behind a light-tight door.)

rat room ANIMAL COLONY ROOMS (235, 237). The rooms are available for housing and maintaining animals for student and faculty research. Room 237 houses a large colony of rats and room 235 houses aquatic animals.

CONFERENCE LOUNGE (236). The lounge houses our Parent Resource Library and provides a center for informal meetings of students and faculty. It is equipped with comfortable furniture, a complete kitchen, and TV facilities. The Parent Resource Library is a resource center for families who utilize our Center for Child Development and is considered by the State of Ohio to be a model facility.

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