Mark Euken Award


Established in 1993 to honor the memory of Mark Euken who suddenly died during his senior year in the midst of an academic career marked by excellence and great promise. It is awarded each year to the psychology student who best exemplifies Mark's remarkable commitment to independent scholarly activities and high levels of academic achievement. The recipient of this recognition is announced during an annual Mark Euken Colloquium which is jointly sponsored by the Psychology Department and Mark's fraternity, the STAG CLUB. The following students have received this recognition:

2006: Libby Ballentine
...Speaker: Bryan Raudenbush, Wheeling Jesuit University
     "Scents and Sensibility: Uncovering the Impact of Odors on Human Performance"

2005: Bill Meyer

2004: Susan Melhorn and Cara Thompson
...Speaker: Dan Christie, The Ohio State University-Marion
     "What is Peace Psychology the Psychology of"?

2003: Nikki Novell
....Speaker: Stanford Gregory, Jr, Kent State University
     "Measuring Non-Conscious Elements of Social Interaction in Conversations and Interviews"

2002: Amy Bell
....Speaker: Kathy Kerns, Kent State University
     "Placing Attachment in a Broader Childrearing Context"

2001: Andria Bosler
....Speaker: Richard Metzger, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
     "False Memory Research: Using a Laboratory Task to Inform the Real World"

2000: Jason McCrory, Pat Dickerson, Brooke Davis
....Speaker: Steve Brown, Loyola University
     "The Roles of Affect, Identity, and Information Seeking on Career Decisions: A New Synthesis of Some Old Findings"

1999: Emily DeGarmo
....Speaker: (talk cancelled due to snowstorm)

1998: Amber Wallace
....Speaker: John Krantz, Hanover College
     "Psychology and the Web: What it means for Research, Teaching and Collaboration"

1997: Aimee Knupsky
....Speaker: Dan Lassiter, Ohio University
     "The Potential for Bias in Videotaped Confessions"

1996: Melissa Holmes
....Speaker: Jaak Panksepp, Bowling Green State University
      "On the Nature of Social Bonds"

1995: Robert Carroll
....Speaker: William Merriman, Kent State University
     "What a Child Expects a Word to Mean"

1994: Tracey Bateson
....Speaker: F. Robert Triechler, Kent State University
     "Monkey Memories: Investigating Their Cognitive Organization"

1993: Elise Wransky
....Speaker: David Riccio, Kent State University
     "When Less is More: Implications of the Forgetting of Stimulus Attributes"

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