Alumni from the 1990's

90-01 Rob Wittman "The Effects of a Delay and an Instructional Set on the Recall of Assertions and Pragmatic Implications in Advertising"

90-02 Richard H. Carr "Alcohol and Social Factors Influencing Memory"

90-03 Susan E. Stein "Job Satisfaction of Muskingum College Faculty"

90-04 Charles F. Sheffield "The Relationship Between Social Competency and Self-Esteem and Stigmas Associated with Learning Disabled College Students"

90-05 Laura L. Wilson "The Effect of Peer Group Counseling on Self-Concept in Eighth Grade Students"

90-06 Jeremy Cohen "Automatic Shaping as a Method of Obtaining Natural-State State Dependent Learning"

90-07 Brian K. Brown "The Effects of Verbal Rehearsal, Mental Imagery and Paired Verbal Rehearsal-Mental Imagery Have on High School Students' Reading Comprehension"

90-08 Christi Untied "The Effect of Television Commercials on Children's Preferences of Snacks"

90-09 Jean Muransky "Beliefs About Parental Divorce, Family Environment, Inter-Parental Conflict, and Self-Description as a Function of the Family Situation of High School Students"

90-10 Dave Stephen "State Dependent Retention: Learning and Memory"

90-11 Renee Cummings "Changes In Measured State-Anxiety in Response to Manipulated Autonomic Arousal-Feedback"

90-12 Janelle R. Keiffer "Effects of Social Experience on Habituation to a Novel Environment"

90-13 Jeffery D. Marsh "Audiences Do Act as an Aversive Drive"

90-14 David J. Tarbert "The Relation of Religiosity, Sex, and Christian Education to the Locus of Control"

90-15 Jan Von Bargen "The Effects of Gender, Age and Different Parenting Styles on Adolescent Self-Esteem"

90-16 Kristine S. Erner "Psysiological Responses to Physical and Psychological Stress"

91-01 Rashel Wells "The Effects of Forced Sexual Activity on Self-Esteem and Locus of Control"

91-02 Missing

91-03 Angela S. Burch "The Effects of Differing Unconditioned Stimuli in Preexposure and Training on Conditioned Taste Aversion"

91-04 Eric T. Schwartzreich "Sex Roles and Gender Stereotypes"

91-05 Missing

91-06 Danielle Cawley "Parental Anxiety Associated with Using Surrogate Caregivers"

91-07 Robert M. Bartlett "Mirror Manipulated Self-Awareness and Social Facilitation Effects on Perceived Humor"

91-08 Catherine L. Bobich "Miscommunication About Sexual Activity Between Dating Partners Contributes to Date Rape"

91-09 Paul T. Herrmann "Effects of the Anti-Anxiety Drug Buspirone on Anxiety in Domestic Chicks"

91-10 Troy McCollister "The Effects of Testosterone on the Behavior and Development of the Domestic Chick"

91-11 Ben Miracle "Drug Usage Among Students and Its Relation to G.P.A"

91-12 Jennifer C. Schuster "Ineffective Strategy Selection as an Agent of Effort Reduction"

91-13 Walter E. Skaggs, Jr. "The Effects of Alcohol and Social Facilitation on Motor Coordination and Cognitive Processing in Men and Women"

92-01 Julie M. Dailey "The Effect of Odors as Contextual Cues in Aiding Memory"

92-02 Maria R. Freeman "Participant Satisfaction with the Mediation Process of a Small Claims Court"

92-03 Amy Gillings "Factors that Predict Success on Ohio's Ninth Grade Proficiency Test"

92-04 Judith A. Hartzell "Effects of Music and Painting on Mood"

92-05 Amy Ladyga "The Effects of Androgyny, Attitude Toward Women, and Gender Schema for a Male or Female Seminar Room on Recall of Masculine and Feminine"

92-06 John H. Lyncheski "The Functions of Each Hemisphere in the Chick's Brain"

92-07 Annette Maruca "Can Automatic Processing of Stereotyped Words Influence an Individual's Judgement About Homosexuality"

92-08 Cheri Popham (Prideaux) "Predictor Variables of Proficiency Scores and High School Dropout for Tenth Grade Students"

92-09 Michael G. Sickle "Effects of Heat Stress on Academic Performance"

92-10 Tracy Wentz "Effects of Social Support on Academic Stress"

92-11 Melissa Miller "Self-Esteem of Female Athletes and Non-Athletes to Sex-Role Types and Status Attainment"

92-12 Michael McAller "Creativity, Openness to New Experiences and the Effects of Intrinsic Motivation On a Gifted Population"

92-13 Heather E. Lynch "The Effects of Testosterone on Behavior and Morphology of Rats"

92-14 Marc A. Nemunaitis "Effects of Lesions of the Archistriatum on Fear in Chicks"

92-15 Bob Nelson "Effects of Morphine and Naloxone on the Conflict Between Feeding and Social Interactions"

92-16 Barbara R. Reynolds "Gender and Age Differences in Attitudes Towards Non-Traditional Careers"

92-17 Lori L. Strait "Coaching Behavior Effects on an Athletes Performance"

92-18 Jennifer A. Heile "Generational and Gender Differences in Attitudes Toward Work"

92-19 Michael George Sickle "Effect on Heat Stress on Academic Performance"

92-20 Jennifer L. Hall "Type A Behavior and Fear of Failure as a Motive for High Academic Achievement and Extracurricular Participation"

93-01 Natalie Cadman "Effects of Context Cues on Delay-Based Recovery from Latent Inhibition"

93-02 Nick Costanzo "Effects of Testosterone on Female Rat Performance in Spatial Learning Task"

93-03 Katheryn Dailey "Delinquency of Adolescents as Predicted by Family, Peers, and Self-Concept"

93-04 Michell Ann Dunkle "Tolerance for Diversity in Sexual Orientation and Ethnic Background"

93-05 Courtney Johnson "Predictor Variables of Successful Treatment at the Thompkins Adolescent Center"

93-06 Melissa A. Marius "Validation of a Measure of Academic Need For Achievement"

93-07 Stacie L. Tennent "Self-Monitoring and the Theatre Performer:Can Acting Ability Be Measured"

93-08 Jennifer L. Urich "Person=Self Bias Versus Person=Male Bias in Sentence Perceptions"

93-09 Kristen S. Epperson "Relation Between Students' Proficiency Test Performance and Locus of Control"

94-01 Melissa Adamik "The Relation Between Social Status and Self-Esteem in Learning Disabled Students and Their Non-Disabled Peers"

94-02 Holly E. Baker "Locus of Control and Coping With Academic Stress in College Students"

94-03 Jessica Clymer "Moral Development in College Students as Related to Campus Living Arrangements and Involvement in Campus Activities"

94-04 Jace Cree "Disassociative Effects of Background Music on a Simple Recall Task"

94-05 Jennifer Smith "Measuring Smoking Intolerance in Relation to a Smoking Ban in College Students and Faculty"

94-06 Teresa M. Walker "Absorption and the Effectiveness of Relaxation Techniques"

94-07 Amy R. Weber "The Effects of Alcohol on Aggressive and Social Activities Engaged in by Resident Versus Intruder Male Rats"

94-08 Amy E. Wolf "The Effects of Family Climate Variables on High School Student's Academic Achievement"

94-09 Craig Hoitink "Effects of Chlordiazepoxide on Fear-Induced Suppression of Play in Rats"

94-10 Jennifer Swope "Localization of C-fos Protein Immunoreactivity Induced by Isolation in the Domestic Chick"

94-11 Ryan Turner "Political Alienation, Political Participation and Boredom Proneness Among College Students"

94-12 Tracey Bateson "Measuring Attitudes of College Students Concerning Homophobia"

94-13 Alice Norman "The Effects of Age and Experience on Children's Preschool Scripts and Picture Taking"

95-01 Katina L Blackurn "The Relationship Betwen Self Image and Brand Image of Two Brands of Soft Drinks"

95-02 Heather Carpenter "Attitudes Towards Guns and the Fear of Crime"

95-03 Robert A. Carroll "The Effect of Context on Delay-Based Recovery from Latent Inhibition"

95-04 Kathleen L. Coutts "Stereotypes of Sexual Harassers and their Victims"

95-05 Christina M. Crotinger "Coping Behaviors Used by Adolescents in Response to Childhood Sexual Abuse"

95-06 David M. Gass "Expression of Emotion in Children's Art"

95-07 Robert Gordon "Personality Type and its Effect on Recal and the Analysis of a Scenario"

95-08 Kathleen A. Harrison "Students vs. Codependents: Differences in Expression of Feelings, Self-Esteem, and Interpersonal Sensitivity"

95-09 Donald Lloyd "The Effects of Alcohol on the Mating Behavior of the Female Rat and the Responsiveness of their Sober Male Partners"

95-10 Ginny McDonough "Public Mispercption of the Insanity Plea"

95-11 Aimee R. Miller "Achievement Motivation, Job Satisfaction and Flow in College Employees"

95-12 Mubasher Munaf Moin "Effects of Basal Forebrain Lesions on Mnemonic Functions in Rats"

95-13 Clarissa Ann Moulin "Effects of Anti-Anxiety Drugs on Activity in Rats"

95-14 Amy C. Ross "Relationship Between People's Belief in the Just World and Their Attitudes Rehgarding Homosexual Aids Victims"

95-15 Christopher D. Tucker "The Effects of Parental Influences on Childrens Perceptions of Outdoor Environments"

95-16 Mark David Urton "Auditory and Viual Locatization in Dyslexia Students"


95-18 Johanna L. Bangs "Knowledge and Attitude Influences of Instructionakl Sets Hidden in Movie Reviews Presented Prior to Testing for Recall of Experiences Associated with Viewing a Movie"

95-19 Jennifer Chorey "The Effects of Interpersonal Distance and the Level of Difficulty on a Star Tracing Task"

95-20 Heather Kern "Comparison of Personal Value Structures for Delinquent and Non-delinquent Adolescents"

95-21 Robert Norman

96-01 Jolene Brown "Agreement Between Foster Parents' and Foster Childrens' Ratings of the Effectiveness of Family and Dyadic Relationships"

96-02 Tera L. Brown "Academic Achievement and Academic Self-Esteem Among First Year College Students"

96-03 Sharla G. Collinsworth "Predicting Recall in Kindergarten to Fourth Grade Children: Strategy Versus Speed of Encoding"

96-04 Christine M. Crkvenac "The Effects of Misinformation on Perceived Quality and Memory for Events in a Film"

96-05 Christy Ferns "Gender Diferences in a Group of Young Adolescents Attending a Private Middle School"

96-06 Trevor J. Hatcher "Gender and Parental Status Differences in the Ability to Perceive the Communicative Intent of Infant Cries"

96-07 Shannon L. Howard "The Relationship Between Locus of Control, Aids Knowledge, and Sexual Behavior"

96-08 Jackie Kent "The Relationship of Selected Demographic Variables to Architectural Preferences"

96-09 Betsy J. Knight "Achievement Orientation and Trait Confidence in Athletes and Nonathletes Across Sport and Competitive Level"

96-10 Stephanie Larson "Schema Based Instruction in Schools:A Critical Evaluation"

96-11 Danyell Miller "Gender Differences in Mate Selection"

96-12 Melanie Pompey "Influence of Morning and Evening Types on a Complex Cognitive Task"

96-13 Christopher Prekup "Academic Dishonesty: Student and Faculty Perspectives"

96-14 Katherine E. Reuterdahl "Gender Differences in Interpersonal Orientation, Self-Monitoring, and Sexual Attitudes"

96-15 Shea Swallie "Vocabulary of Elementary School Children in the Context of a Mulit-Age Setting"

96-16 Christopher T. Tucker "Morningness-Eveningness Personality Style and Performance on the Crawford Small Parts Dexterity Test"

96-17 Angela R. Wilson "Effects of Vigabatrin on Social Behavior in the Domestic Chick"

96-18 Andy Miller "The Influence of Different Aspects of Music on Spatial Reasoning and a Motor Skill Task"

97-01 Gavin Armstrong "High versus Low Self-Monitorung and Alcohol Use on Campus Related to Perceived Use"

97-02 Brandie Balwanz "A Longitudinal Study of Elementary School Children's Memory Strategies"

97-03 Billye Dailey " Volunteer Motivations within Mental Health Organizations"

97-04 Scott Davis " The Relation Between Level of Self-Reported Hostility and Motion Picture Preference for High School Students"

97-05 Dionne Dodson " Personality Differences between College Athletes Competing in Team versus Individual sports"

97-06 David Eynon " Images vs. Issues: Basis for Choice in Presidential Elections"

97-07 Ginger Fairbanks " Instructor Evaluations by First Year Students: An Investigation of Racial and Gender Bias in the Evaluations of Instructors by Students"

97-08 April Lanzillotti " Investigation of the Relationship between Perfectionism & Personality"

97-09 Marianne Liptak "Time and Misinformation Effects on Opinion and Memory for Events Shown in a Video"

97-10 Kerry Malbanc Lampart " Sibling Conflict As It Relates to the Family Environment"

97-11 Dan Metz " Motivation and Goal-Setting in Division III Athletics"

97-12 Heather Miller " Factors Influencing the Adjustment of International, Transfer, and First-Year Students at a Small Liberal Arts College"

97-13 Melanie Morgan " The Relationship Between Self-Esteem of College Students, Parental Nurturance and Academic Expectations and Attributions"

97-14 Sean Trickery "The Effect of Context on Delay-Based Recovery from Retrograde Amnesia"

97-15 Himmat Rana "The Efffects of Caffein on the Performance of Cognitive Tasks"

97-16 Cynthia Van Keuren " Dreaming Style as Related to Waking Personality"

97-17 Joni Zavatsky " Projective Drawings as a Measure of Externally Produced Anxiety"

98-01 Dawn Axline "Capacity, Metamemory,and Strategies as Predictors of Memory Development from First to Fourth Grade"

98-02 Amiee Bailey"Children's Beliefs About Parental Divorce"

98-03 Carin Baker "Effect of Gender and Race Bias on Faculty Evaluations by College Students"

98-04 Colleen Born "The Implantation of Childhood Memories and Self-Monoriting"

98-05 Jennifer Butler "Comparison of Delinquency Rates Between Adolescents From Intact, Reconstituted, Single-Parent, and Foster Families"

98-06 John Costanzo "Intermale Aggression in Resident Rats of Differing Social Status Following Encounters with Females or their Odors"

98-07 Trudy Cramblett "Stress as a Function of Personality and Class Rank Among College Students"

98-08 Susan Dix "Self-Esteem and Anxiety Levels in Learning Disabled College Students"

98-09 Tricia Dunlap "Attitudes of College Students Regarding Crime and Criminal Behavior"

98-10 Chelsey Fletcher "Ethical Development of College Students Who Have Taken Classes Containing Ethical Consent"

98-11 Gretchen Flood "Dependency and Agression Personality Traits of First and Second Grade Children as Indicated by the House- Tree-Person Test"

98-12 Julie Greathouse "Self-Concept and Alcohol Consumption in Homosexuals, Bisexual, and Heterosexual Individuals"

98-13 Stephanie Greegor "The Relationship Between Parenting Styles and Number of Incidnets in Foster Care Homes"

98-14 Erica Hamilton "The Prevalence of Stereotypes in College Students"

98-15 Kyle Harrington "Highlights, Intervention, and Cognitive Self-Management Techniques with AD/HD High School Students"

98-16 John Jenkins"Mood-State-Dependent Retention: The effects of Art-Induced Mood on Memory "

98-17 Angela Kennedy "Asymmetry of the Medial Habenular Nucleus in Chicks Following Testosterone Administration"

98-18 Aimee Knupsky "When Doesn't a Rose Smell as Sweet? Priming in the Production and Comprehension Lexicons"

98-19 Jennifer Koning--"The Effects of Time on Grade School Children's Memory, Capacity, Metamemory and Strategies: A Longitudinal Study"

98-20 Erin Krebbs "Gender and Race Biases Used by College Students in the Job Selection Process"

98-21 Emily Mowry--"Student Attrition Identifying Factors that Influence Withdrawl"

98-22 Jennifer Rechor "The Effect of the College Environment on Morningness-Eveningness Preferences"

98-23 Sarah Schaad "The Effects of Alcohol on Complex Visual Tasks in Dyslexic Versus Non-Dyslexic Students"

98-24 Jami Stevens "The Relation Between Self-Esteem and Conflict Resolution in a Workplace Envioronment"

98-25 Amber Wallace "Alcohol Effects on Male Rat Aggression Toward Male Versus Female Intruders"

99-01 Emily DeGarmo "Influence of Social Status on a Conditioned Taste Aversion in Rats"

99-02 Joshua Good "Race Specific Magazine Advertisements and their Effectiveness on White College Students"

99-03 Kathy Hall "Inaccurate Reporting Due to Misinformation Increases with Time Delay and Personality Type"

99-04 Amy Harris "Self-Monitoring and the Effects of Fashion Magazine Exposure on the Body Image of College Females"

99-05 Kristin Lynch "Verbal Discrimination as a Function of a Major Familiarity with Word List"

99-06 Tiffany Pappas

99-07 Faith Pressnell "Gender Stereotyping of Sports by College Students"

99-08 Daniel Rigsbee "A Descriptive Analysis of the Personality Characteristics of College Athletes"

99-09 Jana Schrock"The Behavioral Significance of the Female Rat Pheromone on Intermale Aggression"

99-10 Erin Schultheis "Measuring Cognitive Preferences Based on Monitoring/Eveningness Personality Preferences"

99-11 Michele Sheets "The Role of Self-Monitoring in Cued and Non-Cued Assessment of Nonverbal Communication"

99-12 Bethinee Snyder "Discrepancies Between Centers and Parents Perceptions of Quality Child Care"

99-13 Christa Swenson "The Effects of Self-Monitoring on Central vs. Peripheral Advertising Messages"

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