Alumni from the 1980's

80-01 Mary M. Benadum "Reading Rate as Related to Number of Eye Fixations"

80-02 Janics M. Bromley "Conflicts Between the Roles of Career and Family in the Life of Today's Woman"

80-03 Connie Claggett "Youth on the Run"

80-04 Maria Elaine Costanzo "Social Facilitation of Audience Reaction to Frightening and Humorous Films"

80-05 Mary Ann Evans "Combined Judgments of Medical Personnel and Patients of Medical Charisma (Bedside Manner)"

80-06 Richard J. Foss "The Autistic Syndrome"

80-07 Diana Roby Gilliotte "An Analysis of Natural Landscapes"

80-08 Joanna M. Gray "The Relation of Personality Traits and Teasers"

80-09 Bruce Douglas Jones "The Relationship Between Social Dominance and Performance on an Operant Learning Task"

80-10 Chris Pagnelli "Who to Go to With a Problem: A Hierarchy of Helpers Determined by College Students"

80-11 Roy J. Craig and Douglas E. Petsinger "Drug Addiction and Religiosity, Personality Parallels and Coping Mechanisms"

80-12 David J. Richards "The Role of Self-Disclosure in a First Encounter"

80-13 Theresa Jean Rittinger "State Dependent Learning and Progesterone Levels in Female Rats"

80-14 Roger Dale Robinette "Dormitory Architecture and its Effects on Social Interaction and Behavior"

80-15 Anna Marie Scheub "The Effects of Locus of Control on Impression Formations"

80-16 Valerie Schnuth "Altered States of Consciousness"

80-17 J. Sittler "Consumer Advertising A.A.F. 1980 Entry"

80-18 Peter M. Thompson "Leadership Abilities"

81-01 Liesl Lux "The Effect of Unattended Messages on Ambiguous Sentences in a Dichtic Listening Presentation"

81-02 Sandra Noyes "Personality Norms of Service Providers"

81-03 Debra Hrvatin "The Violent Personality: A Discussion of the Theoretical Causes which Underly It"

81-04 Susan Cupp "Attitudes Toward Parental Roles: A Contributing Factor in Child Abuse"

81-05 Richard Tabler "Variables of Juvenile Delinquency"

81-06 Constance Crawley "The Imaginary Companions of Children and Their Relation to Play"

81-07 Martin Olsen "Type A Behavior in College Males"

81-08 Joan Hamilton "Dominance and Aggression in Nursery School Children"

81-09 Beth Thomas "The Socio-Psychological Implications of Parents' Social Class as Related to the Child's Occupational Aspirations and Preferences of Activities"

81-10 Margie Hurless "Preschoolers' Consistency of Sex-stereotyped Attitudes and Preferences of Activities"

81-11 Barbara Ryder "Parental Influence on the Development of Sex-Role Stereotypes in Nursery School Children"

81-12 Julie Cooper "Working Mothers and Their Daughters: Achievement Motivation from a Psychological Perspective"

81-13 Rebecca R. Stevens "The Effects of Judo on Children's Self Concept"

81-14 Marcia Moulton "Personality Norms for Social Services Providers"

81-15 Patricia Warnecke "The Effects of Noise on College Freshman Living in a College Dorm"

81-16 Mark Dugan "The Effects of Internalization vs. Externalization on Buying Behavior for Sporting Goods"

81-17 Virginia Firestone "Nonverbal Communication Proficiency in Siblings and Nonsiblings"

81-18 Kim Braham "The Science of Behavior"

81-19 Melanie Schantz "The Coors Company History"

81-20 Joan Pastor "Odor Preferences in Female Rats"

82-01 Beth Bardonner "The Differential Effects of the Positive and Negative Reinforcement on a Maze Tracing Task; with Implications to a Management Theory of Motivation"

82-02 Karin Collins "Psychological Testing: And Its Usage in Industry"

82-03 Bill Forthing "Five Fraterities, Five Personality Types?"

82-04 Paul Kjellander "Social Program at Work"

82-05 John William Krauss "Personality and Religious Participation Amoung College Students"

82-06 missing

82-07 missing

82-08 Gloria Morris "Dimensions of Depression in College Students"

82-09 Douglas Smith "Extraversion and Roommate Change"

82-10 Doris Snyder "A Search for Charity:A Composite of Charitable Attitudes Through Use of a Survey"

82-11 Arthur R. Desin "Causitive Effects of Eye Movement in the Muller-Lyer Illusion"

82-12 Ray Schmidt "The Effect of Visual Fading on Sequencing Skills"

82-13 Duplicate of number 82-10 Doris Snyder "Charity"

82-14 Barbara E. Padgett "Religiousity and Conformity"

82-15 Kathryn A. Berg "The Effects of Activity Participation on Personal Moral and Self-Percption in Nursing Home Residents"

82-16 Carl D. Heinl "Predicting Patients Adjustment After the Treatment Process"

82-17 Sarah Jenkins "Sociopathic Tendencies in Business Leaders"

83-01 Jean Fitzgerald "Generalization Effects of Shared Time Out Procedures Across Trainers"

83-02 Jack Bendolph "Effects of Group Size and Sex of Viewers on Audience Response While Viewing Humorous and Frightening Films"

83-03 Kathy Taylor "The Effects of a Study Skills Program"

83-04 Ronda Geese "The Father's Role in Determining Child Custody"

83-05 Mary Hamilton "The Effects of Anger on the Expression of Color"

83-06 Mike Farhart "Influence of the Sex of an Audience on Social Impact"

83-07 R. Tod Custer "The Effect of Religiosity on Counselor Preference"

83-08 Mark Mizenko "Differing Instructional Methods for Learning the same Mathematical Concept"

84-01 Kimberly Armstrong "Enjoying a Party: Alcohol vs. Expectation"

84-02 Jeff Comin "The Effects of Color and Its Uses to Sell Products"

84-03 Terry S. Kincaid "Normalization of Institutionalized Retarded Adults"

84-04 Teresa Ting "Wife Abuse"

84-05 Kerry McNenny "Down Syndrome and What the Public Believes"

84-06 John Ellwood "The Effect of Social Status on Autoshaping Extinction"

84-07 Tom Jones "Construction of an Apitiude Test for Predicting Academic Success"

84-08 Eileen F. Mahoney "An Analysis of Assimilation and the Maintainance of Ethnic Identity in Second Generation Slovak Immigrants"

84-09 Scott Buckley "Type A Behavior and Its Relationship With Academic Achievement, Extracurricular Activities, and Studying Habits"

84-10 Edward Pagella "Advertisers in Subliminal Persuasion"

84-11 Darrell Johnson "Implications of Rogers' Client-Centered Therapy for Christian Counseling"

84-12 Thomas Ribar "The Influence of Martin Heidegger on Existential Psychology"

84-13 Carolyn Donohue "A Comparison of Happiness of At-Home and Nursing Home Respondents"

84-14 Paula Gomory "An Investigation Into the Influences of Needs and Mutual Dexterity on Machine Operator Performance"

85-1 Anita Boyer "Children's Cognitive Maps of Large-Scale Space: Effects of Familarity and Landmarks"

85-2 Robert Brindo "State Dependent Learning in Rats"

85-3 Julie Calebaugh "A Reliability Check of the Boder Test in Word Production When Using a Wordprocessor"

85-4 Penny Glaub "A Reliability Test of the Boder Test in Word Production When Using a Wordprocessor"

85-5 Matt Gibson "Creating Dissonant Cognitions About Previous Confirmed Attitudes Through Reward Reinforcement"

85-6 Elaine Early "The Politically Conservative Personality"

85-7 Stephen Jenkins "Peer Perception of the Unattractiveness in Children and Its Effects on Peer Preference"

85-8 Mark C. McDaniel "Personal Space Can Be a Touchy Subject"

85-9 Columbus NII Kortei Okai "Job Satisfaction at Muskingum College"

85-10 Cynthia A. Sprague "The Psychology Behind Giving as Applied to 'The Design for Tomorrow Campaign'"

85-11 Kelly Stacy "Relation of Academic Achievement to the 8x Scales of the Famous Sayings Test"

85-12 Barbara A. Page "What Cues Do Five and Six Year Olds Use to Judge Relative Speed"

85-13 Mary-Lynne Parkinson " How and When Children Use Substitute Objects During Symbolic Play"

85-14 Tracy Ferguson "A Precursor to Counting-On and Preformal Addition Tasks"

86-01 Kelly A. Ryan "The Use of Structured and Unstructured Toys in Scripted Sex-Role Behavior"

86-02 Babette Bowen "Need Fulfillment of Participate Management and Job Satisfaction"

86-03 Kathy Kern "Bias Due to a Child's Ethnic Identification and Socioeconomic Status"

86-04 Amy Lighthizer "Use of the Stroop Effect to Determine How Color is Organized in Semantic Memory"

86-05 Donna Geraci "The Effects of A Child Protection Videotape on the Fears of Preschoolers"

86-06 Kimberly Jones "The Effects of Specific Versus Nonspecific Feedback on Performance"

86-07 Nancy Weaver "A Study of the Need For Achievement and Career Choice in College Students"

86-08 Lori J. Siggins "Effects of Statistically Deviant Personal Qualities Upon Teacher Ratings"

86-09 David Kossin "Effects of Consumer Awareness in Product Preference"

86-10 Debroah S. Kesler "Role Playing and Lecture in Assertiveness Training"

86-11 David Ruch "Effects of Background Music on the Learning and Recall of Written Passages"

86-12 Loretta J. Dewitt "Effects of Human and Test Anxiety on Performance, Worry, Emotionality, and Favoring of Test Examinations"

86-13 Joseph R. Oder "The Study of Interpersonal Distance as a Variable in Interviewing Behavior"

86-14 Kathryn Koepke "Characteristics of Ability to Empathize in College Students"

87-01 Orlando McCoy "Social Facilitation"

87-02 Mark A. Griffin "The Relationship of Sex and Sex-Role Socialization to Math Anxiety"

87-03 Bill Brandhurst "Self-Esteem Male Versus Female"

87-04 Daniel P. Gallup "The Effect of the Warm-Cold Variable on the Job Interview Process"

87-05 John Demers "The Effect of Empathy on Bystander Intervention"

87-06 Kathleen M. Pilcher "A Case-Study of Single Mothers in Poverty:An Alternative Family Form"

87-07 Bobbi Jo Feutz "Keeping Track of the Attend; The Effects of Training One-to One Correspondence on Shifts From Stage Three to Four"

87-08 Wendal Horlocker "Sexual Differences in the Play Behavior of Juvenile Rats: Effects of Neonatal Testosterone Injections"

87-09 Lee Ann Nixon "Sex Differences in the Play of Rats: Effects of Neonatal Testosterone Administration"

87 Kerry Morse

88-01 Alex Sullivan "Locus of Control and the Effects of Instructional Set on Response to a Humorous Film"

88-02 Rose M. Kramer "The Effect of College on Student's Moral Reasoning as Measured by the Defining Issues Test"

88-03 Karen S. Scipione "The Psychological Repercussion of AIDS on Sexual Behavior of Muskingum College Students"

88-04 Gwyn D. McKirahan "The Effects of Task Participation Versus Cognitive Strategies in Delay of Gratification"

88-05 Sharon Anchak "Media Effects on Children: A Comparison Study of Preschoolers and College Students"

88-06 Tim Cousins "Effects of Ventromedial Hypothalamic Lesions on the Energy Regulation and Obesity in Male Rats"

88-07 Gary E. Kovalchik "The Differences in Anticipated Stress Between Female and Male Freshmen"

88-08 Owen R. Moyes "The Effect of Testosterone on the Play Solicitation Behavior of Prepubescent Rats"

88-09 Stephen D. Shenefiel "Item Analysis of a Stress Inventory for College Students"

89-01 Bill Schmillel "Personal Profiles of Male and Female Athletes and Their Differences in Competitiveness & Competitive Anxiety" 89-02 Lisa A. Mallett "Situational Variables Appraisal and Choice of Coping Strategies"

89-03 Deedra Eckman "The Relationship Between Knowledge and Memory and Speed of Encoding and Memory with High School"

89-04 Elizabeth Coyle "A Comparison of Two Methods of Questioning in Drug Use in College Students"

89-05 George L. Dickson "State-Dependent Retention in Rats with Hunger as the Dissociating Agent"

89-06 Bradley C.H. Schoemer "Manipulation of Task Preferences through Manipulation of Mother During Weaning"

89-07 Bill Hagan "Social Cognition in Aggressive Versus Non-Aggressive Children"

89-08 Virginia P. Mace "The Loss of Short Term Memory for Verbal and Non-Verbal Material in Severe Alzheimer's Patients"

89-09 LuAnn K. Conkle "The Relationship Between Television and Female Stereotypes"

89-10 Judy Dennis "Recidivism: Hospital Satisfaction and Attribution"

89-11 W. Harold Arnold III "Demographics and Psychographics:Factors of Purchasing a Specific Automobile"

89-12 Joanne D. Elliott "Stress Levels for Various Issues: A Comparison by Class and Gender"

89-13 Kathryn C. Lacey "Effects of Kainic Acid on Emotional Behaviors in Chicks"

89-14 Elizabeth Leistler "Family Influence on Athletic Involvment in College Students"

89-15 Marian Lenhart "The Effects of the Sentic Cycle on Anxiety"

89-16 Alicia K.Matthews "Effects of Hypothermia and Hyperthermia on the Formation of a Conditioned Taste Aversion"

89-17 Wendi E. Roberts "The Effects of a Delay and an Instructional Set on the Recall of Assertions and Pragmatic Implications in Advertising"

89-18 Mark Sattele "Neonatal Testosterone Injections and the Effects on Prepubescent Rat Play Behavior"

89-19 Jim Scott "Study of Obedience When Authority's Requestis a Task Performance that is Potentially Harmful to Subjects"

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