Alumni from the 1970's

70-01 Bruce C. Armstrong "Socio-Economic and Educational Influences on Social Power, Manifest Anxiety, and Social Desirability Scores"

70-02 missing

70-03 Rod Buchanan "An Investigation of the Effects of Stress on a Metal Electrolyte in Urine"

70-04 James A. Dragovich "Septal Lesion Locus and Avoidance Behavior"

70-05 Nancy Laing "Hellenic Affiliation Scale"

70-06 Allan J. Vittum "Prediction of Verbal Learning in College Students"

70-07 Bette McMuldren "Personality Measure of Internal-External Orientation Related to ESP Scores"

70-08 Richard Metzger "Curiosity and Incidental Learning"

70-09 Christine A. Fleiss "Long Term Effects of Different Feedback Conditions on Verbal Discrimination Learning"

70-10 Marcy Tietien "Relationship of Creativity to Intelligence and Academic Achievement"

70-11 Judith A. Preston "Comparison of Deaf and Hearing Children on Nonverbal Conceptual Tasks"

70-12 Patsy Leibensperger "Immediate Verses Delayed Punishment in a Choice Situation for First Grade Children"

70-13 James Wilson "The Role of the RES in the Emotionality of the Albino Rat Under Stress Conditions"

70-14 Harry M. Dixon II "The Role of the Reticulo-Endithelial System in Stress Tolerance in Dominant Male Rats"

70-15 Suzanne Snyder "Cognitive Abilities in Socialized and Non-Socialized Children"

70-16 James Hull "Rock Verses Relaxation Music and Their Effects Upon Performance of a Clerical Speed and Accuracy Test and a Figure Analogies Test"

70-17 Judith A. Muller "Effect of Special Education on Verbal Learning and Motor Skills of the Educable Mentally Retarded"

70-18 David McDowell "Hitchhiking: An Independent Interim in Psychology"

70-19 Steven D.Brown "Condition Suppression: A Review of the Literature"

70-20 John D. Nichols "Apparatus Development and Investigation into the Wistar Rats"

70-21 John M. Jones "Public Education in Mexico"

70-22 John D. Nichols "Autokinesis and Visual Perception in the Wistar Rat"

70-23 Mac Driver "Homing in the Silver Shiner"

70-24 William P. Shavely Jr. "The Effect of an Artifical Magnetic Field on the Italian Honey Bee"

70-25 Jean Kornbau "The Prediction of Academic Success at Muskingum College"

70-26 missing

70-27 Peggy Edmund "An Evaluation of the 1969 Summer Counseling Program at Muskingum College"

70-28 missing

70-29 Allan J. Vittum "Employee Motivation"

71-01 Janis Anderson "The Relationship Between Creativity and Self-Esteem"

71-02 Hollis Ann Culbertson "Piaget's Conservation Tasks: A Cross-Cultural Study Between Spanish-American and American Children"

71-03 missing

71-04 missing

71-05 Jacqueline Shelton "Measuring of Masculine and Feminine Qualities in Females"

71-06 R.L. Baehr "The Effects of Sodium Brevital on Retroactive Amnesis in Humans"

71-07 missing

71-08 Diana Caldwell "Recognition of Social Status in Crayfish"

71-09 Webster C. Cox "Habit Reversal in Crayfish"

71-10 James Dauria "Leadership Ability and Grade Point Average"

71-11 Charles Holmes "Personality Characteristics of Marijuana Users"

71-12 Eric Humston "The Effects On Success and Failure on Expectations of Success and Performance on a Verbal Memorization Task"

71-13 Joanna Mihok "Autism"

71-14 Bill Murphy "The Factors of Social Class Identification"

71-15 Marcy Myers "The Effect of Visual Aids on Learning"

71-16 Gregory P. Rudolph "Social Status and Learning in Crayfish"

71-17 missing

71-18 Robert M. Gump "The Speilberger State-Trait Anxiety Inventory: A Short Analysis"

71-19 Walter Hawkins "Current Research on Visual Masking"

71-20 Sarah Rice "A Study of Reversal and Nonreversal Shifts in Associative Concept Formation"

71-21 Jo Anne Klein "Conformity in Social Clubs"

71-22 missing

71-23 Laura Wolz "Comparison of Anticipation and Recall Procedures Using Words and Nonsense Syllables with Schizophrenics on Verbal Discrimination Tasks"

71-24 Danny R. Bosley "Reversal of a Visual Discrimination Problem by Dominant and Submissive Rats"

71-25 David Gullyes "I-E Orientation to an Insoluable Task"

71-26 Rebecca Kay Brown "The Effect of Children's Exposure to Film Mediated Violence on Aggression in Play"

71-27 missing

71-28 Rebecca Gray "The Influence of Working and Non-Working Mothers on their Children's Self-Reliance"

71-29 Jane Stewart "The Influence of the High School Counselor in Determing the College Decision"

71-30 missing

71-31 Anne B. Morgan "Curiosity: Research and Measuring"

71-32 Betsy Morrison "Characteristics of First-Admission Patients to Cambridge State Hospital Between January 1, 1960-December 31, 1960 and January 1, 1970- December 31,1970"

71-33 Edwin J. Pearson, Jr. "Formation of a Test Battery for Proprioceptive Skills"

71-34 Janet Blair "The Effect of Television on Child Development"

72-01 Karen S. George "Environment Preferences"

72-02 Wendy Zacchera "A Validation Study of the Fear of Failure Scale of the Famous Sayings Test as a Predictor of College Achievement"

72-03 James Heidler "The Frustration Effect in Paired-Associate Learning"

72-04 Charlene Hill "Relationship Between Internal-External Control of Reinforcement and Environmental Observations"

72-05 Richard W. Leitch "A Survey of the Use of Leisure Time and Leisure Activity Choices by High School and College Students and Faculty Professors"

72-06 Jane Harstine "Map Drawing as a Protective Technique for Tapping Cognitive Maps"

72-07 Linda J. Wassum "Cross Cultural Comparison of British and American School Children"

72-08 Karen Minshull "The Relationship of Color Preference and the Personality Dimension Introversion-Extroversion"

72-09 Deborah Maxwell "Effect of Lesions in the Amygdala on the Frustration Effect"

72-10 Mark Martinko"Septal Lesions and Changes in Magnitude of Reinforcement"

72-11 John M. Jones "Magnitude of Reward in a Runway"

72-12 Susan Simerka "The Influence of Habits on Roommate Compatibility"

72-13 Thomas L. Fragasse "Cheating on Examinations-Sex and Ability Comparisons"

72-14 missing

72-15 Sandy Simmerer "The Effects of Cold War Propaganda 1945-1950"

72-16 Patircia Tieman "Studies of Certain Reinforcement Variables of Operant Learning in Young Children"

72-17 Lynne T. Climo "Verbal Learning in Children as a Function of Reinforcement Condition"

72-18 Barbara J. Gabhardt "Frequency Theory of Verbal Discrimination Learning and Piaget's Theory of Conservation of Number"

72-19 Linda Banks "Effects of Alchoholics Anonymous on Changing Prejudicial Attitudes"

72-20 D. Michael Murphy "The Effects of Common and Uncommon First Names on the Personality"

72-21 James B. Shelton "Game-Like Conditions VS Testing Conditions on Creativity and Intelligence Indices"

72-22 missing

72-23 missing

72-24 Patricia Marty "Frustration Effect and Septial Animals"

72-25 Patricia C. Paulson "The Effects of Nurturance and Authoritarianism on Kindergarden Age Children"

72-26 Alice Millstine "TV Emotionality and Its Effects on Young Children"

72-27 Sylvia Wagner Silbert "The Effects of Religiosity on Premarital Sexual Attitudes"

72-28 Thomas S. Vass "Taste Receptor Stimulation"

72-29 Robert R. Cheeks "Rapid Recovery of the A Wave"

72-30 Glen Martin "The Role of Violence in Property Disputes of Preschool Children"

73-01 Debbie Kellogg "Study of Early Termination in Psychotherapy"

73-02 Stephen A. Ebsary "Factors of Charisma: A Preliminary Study"

73-03 Lawrence E. Doty "The Rehabilitation of Juvenile Delinquents in Relation to Principles of Cognitive Dissonance"

73-04 Keith Krueger "A Construct Validation of the Maudsley Personality Inventory's Extraversion Scale"

73-05 Bruce C. Edwards "The Robot Syndrome in Relation to the American Hero Image"

73-06 James A. McDonald "Effects of Light Intensity and Color Upon the Growth of Rats"

73-07 Debbie Smith "A Comparison of Personal Adjustment: Handicapped and Non-Handicapped Children"

73-08 Patricia Peffer "Why Do Individuals Choose to Enter the Field of Psychology"

73-09 Leslie Green "Behavioral Correlates of Oral Contraceptive Administration in Rats"

73-10 Kenneth K. Kohl "The Effect of Formal Similarity in Verbal Discrimination Learning"

73-11 Susan E. Lather "Sexual Sophistication of the Muskingum College Student"

73-12 Susan L.Dietz "Desirability of Lanascope as a Function of Experimenter Outcome Orientation"

73-13 William Richard Lunoe "A Follow-up Study of Psychology Majors Graduating from Muskingum College in 1968, 1969,1970, and 1971"

73-14 Valerie Frakes (Horstman) "An Analysis of Conflicts Among Preschool Children"

73-15 Susan Shaw "Differences in Some Aspects of Moral Development Between Children with Common and Uncommon Names"

73-16 Kathy Lanham "Sex Differences in Helping Behavior"

73-17 John Terrill "Sexual Discrimination in Crayfish"

73-18 Christine Stiles "Delacato's euro-physiological Approach to Learning"

73-19 John Ryder "Pupillometrical"

73-20 missing

73-21 Mike Bartlett "A Survey and Comparison of Students Knowledge and Use of and Attitudes Toward Drugs"

73-22 Skip Bellamy "Human Aggression"

73-23 Lynn Morris "Environmental Preference and College Adjustment: A Correlational Study"

73-24 "Sixth Graders Learning Rate as a Function of Parental Education"

73-25 Paul C. Booker "The Child's Conception of Territory in Relation to Traveling Experience"

73-26 Katie Potter "Friendship Fluctuation in Old Age"

73-27 Pete Peterman "Status as a Correlate of Personal Space"

73-28 Nancy L. Hardy "The Effect of Personal Space Upon Verbal Learning"

73-29 Rebecca Sue Carpenter "Investigating a Behavioral Correlate with Phases of the Menstrual Cycle"

74-01 Tony Lam "Attention in Meditation: An ESP Study"

74-02 Linda E. Morrow "The Effects of Early Experience on Nonreinforcement"

74-03 Carl Miller "The Effects of Septal Lesions on the Reproductive Success of the Male Rat"

74-04 Sandra Rae Levers "Social Dominance and Aggression in Preschool Children"

74-05 Barbara Holton "The Effect of Birth-order on Aggression and Dominance"

74-06 David R. DeLuca "Environmental Factors that Affect the Creative Process"

74-07 Mariana Power "Dominance and Aggression in Preschool Children"

74-08 missing

74-09 Jan. S. Leftwich "A Discussion of Hyperactivity"

74-10 Jim Yerman "A Monogragh on Hearing Impairment"

74-11 Jennifer M. Kendall "The Relationship Between Social Success and Academic Achievement and the Effects of Outline Form Perception Impairment and Visual Memory Impairment on Academic Achievement"

74-12 Joe W. Findley "The Olfactory Preference of Esterous and Anesterous Female Rats for Dominant Versus Subordinate Male Rats"

74-13 Elizabeth Frye "Effects of Collateral Behavior on DRL Performance in Children"

74-14 Mary Webb "Personality and Color Dreaming"

74-15 James T. Lanning "Prenatal Environmental Factors and Consequent Emotionality in Rats"

74-16 Tina Collins "An Empirical Study of the Dimensions of Religiosity"

74-17 David Barrow "Role of the Guidance Counselor in College Choice"

74-18 Kris Stroh "A Seminar on Suicide"

74-19 Barbara Morrison "Measuring the Self-Concepts of Preschool Children and Their Correlations With Religious Training"

74-20 Priscilla S. Young "The Relationship of Fear of Failure and Other Motivational Variables to Academic Performance"

74-21 Susan Sutter "The Relationship of Environmental Attitudes to Selected Demographic Variables"

74-22 Dennis Earley "Internal VS External Locus of Control and Committment to Environmental Concerns"

74-23 Susan Stitt "The Effects of Environmental Design on Learning in an Elementary School Situation"

74-24 Sherry Russell "Hometown Size in Relation to Environmental Disposition and Environmental Adjustment"

74-25 J. Kevin Blaney "The Effect of Personal Space Upon Verbal Learning"

74-26 Brian Armstrong "Crowding as a Function of Personality Traits and Ongoing Activity"

74-27 Charles L. Varga "A test for GESP"

74-28 Tivana Hanning "The Effects of Training and Practice on the Development of Rhythmic Ability in Preschool Children"

74-29 D. Bruce Nolan "The Effects of Variations in the Quality of Auditory Stimulation on Rote Verbal Learning and Problem Solving Tasks"

74-30 missing

74-31 Sarah Creamer "The Relationship of Nominal and Racial Stereotypes as Seen in Children Between 3-5"

74-32 Brenda Pennell "Differences in the Amount of Aggression Expressed by the Preschool Child with Respect to Target, Age, and Frustration"

74-33 Jane Shunaway "An Intersurvey Comparison"

74-34 Joanna Ross "Locus of Control as a Variable in Environmental Perception"

74-35 Wendy L. Prentice "Psychodrama and Sensitivity Training:A Comparitive Overview"

74-36 Karen Vanderhoof "The Effect of Testosterone on RES Activity"

74-37 Deborah K. Deemer "Death and the Mourning Process"

74-38 Dorothy J. Schrock "Attraction and Sex: Correlations of Personal Space"

74-39 Nancy Johnson "Differences in the Expression of Aggression with Respect to Age and Sex"

74-40 Royal R. Wilson "The Practicality of Psychological Tests in Selection of Maintanance Employees"

75-01 Mark S. Porter "The Effect of Christian Education on Children's Moral Development"

75-02 Jim Tucker "Olfactory Cues and Their Influence on Activity of Male Rats"

75-03 Gail Candice Conklin "Cetacean Sound Emission and its Relation to Behavior"

75-04 David B. Bollmer "Nicknames: Result of Disliked Names as Rated by Peers"

75-05 Helene Bednarcsuk "A Genetic Study of Hoarding Behavior and Inter-male Aggression in Tan and Silver Palomic Rats"

75-06 Joyce Sargent "A Comparitive Study of Hostility Incidence in the Backgrounds of Schizophrenic Outpatients Versus a Norn Group"

75-07 Sarah Radcliffe "Facial Expressions of Emotion and Their Imitation by Children"

75-08 Elise G. Hawley "Children and Their Discovery of Color"

75-09 Rod Fultz "Estimation of Urinary testosterone"

75-10 Teresa Whitnack "Achievement Motivation in Women"

75-11 Pam Baker "Our Second Language: A Study in the Ability to Perceive Non Verbal Cues"

75-12 Debby Wilson "Personality and Sex: Their Correlation to Crowding"

75-13 Dan Murphy "Measure of Aggressiveness and Personal Space"

75-14 Ann K. Milosevich "Deception: Clues Through Body Movements and Eye Contact During Interviews"

75-15 Kathy Barr "Physical Biorhythmic Effects on Motor Tasks Performance"

75-16 Judy Shryock "Response to Incongruent Stress Levels in the Verbal and Nonverbal Channels as Related to General Audio and Visual Orientation"

75-17 Tim Brown "Self-Concept of Children Participating in Athletics"

75-18 Virginia Chappelear "The Use of Art Therapy with Chronic Long-Term Patients"

75-19 Melinds Davidson "Crowding: A Developmental and Situational Study"

75-20 Gay Ann Hathaway "An Evaluation of the Children Attending the Guernsey County Day Care Center"

75-21 Denny Taylor "Programmed Instruction Vs Traditional Instruction as a Function of Fear of Failure"

75-22 K. Beth Shriver "The Open Classroom and Child Development"

75-23 E. John McIlvried"A Comparison of Rotter's Internal-External Locus of Control and Piaget's Genetic Epistemological View of Causal Processes"

75-24 Donald V. Salvatore "A Comparison of Jean Piaget's and Edouardo Claparede's Theories on Play and Imitation in the Child"

75-25 Ken Allison "Is There a Difference in Any College Athletes?"

75-26 Debbie Norquist "Stuttering: A Complex Problem"

75-27 Douglas W. Martin "An Explanation of Auditory Masking"

75-28 Blair Reynolds "Effects of Singulate Lesions upon the Hoarding Behavior of the Rat"

75-29 Tom Miller "A Study of State of Attention in Meditation"

75-30 Beth Brubaker "The Effects of Aggression and Dominance on Nursery School Children"

75-31 Mary Grube "The Oblique Effect in Preschool Children"

75-32 Debra Claypool "Dominance and Aggression in Nursery School Children"

75-33 Joel Berrian "Localization of Sound in a Wet Hyperbaric Environemnt"

75-34 David Berry II "Social Dominance and Social Attraction in Rats"

76-01 Doris M. Lowe "A Social Ecological Approach in Proposing a Classroom for the Young Brain-Injured Student"

76-02 Carol Taucher "A Research Study on Learning Disabilities"

76-03 missing

76-04 Amy Rozmus "Graphic Explorations of Roschach Responses (An Art Therapy Technique)"

76-05 Susan Edwards "Testing of Learning Disabilities: An Assessment"

76-06 Joyce D. Barden "The Father's Role in His Family"

76-07 James E. Franks Jr. "Ability VS Intelligence Testing: The Controversy"

76-08 Debra Whinnery "Measurement of Ecological Attitudes as a Function of Undergraduate Exposure"

76-09 Robert Spencer Bloor "Fiedler's Contigency Model: A Question of Validity"

76-10 Cheryl Lee Foster "The Effects of Egocentrism on Friendship Fluctuations in Preschool Children"

76-11 Karen K. Thompson "The Effect of Crowding upon Various Species on Mice and Rats, Drosophila, and Flour Beetles"

76-12 Linda Eberhart "Egocentric Speech Related to Task Difficulty"

76-13 Jeffrey S. Birkins "Personnel Selection"

76-14 David B. Hayward "The Theories of Sigmund Freud as a Function of Social, Political, and Ethnic Factors"

76-15 N. Jane Klingensmith "Effects of Advertising on Children with Respect to Product Preference"

76-16 Margaret E. Taylor "Oral Circadian Temperature Rhythm as Related to Performance Ability"

76-17 Annette Hanks, Keith Niner, & Linda Webster "The Relationship of Aggression to the Development of Dominance Heirarchies in Preschool Children"

76-18 Rudolph A.Konnerth III "An Empirical Study on the Development of Religiosity"

76-19 Patricia Ann Green "Stereotyping of Physical Attractiveness by Mental Retardates"

76-20 Karen Howdyshell "The Relationship of Field-Dependency and Field-Independency to Juvenile Delinquency"

76-21 Susan Campbell "Personal Space: Direct Measurement Technique with Normal, Public School Mentally Retarded and Institutionalized Mentally Retarded Children"

76-22 Howard S. Perlman "Stereotypes in the Funeral Industry"

76-23 Ralph Munn "The Effects of Strange Dominant and Subordinate Male Odors on Different Socially Ranked Males"

76-24 Dave Forrest "Frustration Levels and Dominance in Crayfish"

76-25 J. William Renfrew "Responses of Female Rats to Odors Associated with Social Status of Male Rats"

76-26 Oleta Chain "The Effects of an Invasion of Personal Space on a Paired-Associate Learning Task"

76-27 Ralph Cecil "Metacontrast: A Psychophysical Approach to How Neurons Process Information"

76-28 Tom Silverii "The Effects of Advertising"

76-29 missing

76-30 Ruth Ellen Wasem "Psycho-Political Orientation"

76-31 Nancy Caulkins "The Validation of Astrological Personality Trait Descriptors"

76-32 Margo Harman "The California F Scale and Authoritarianism Research: 1955-1965" 76-33 Eloise Haas "The Effects of Personal Space and Aggression"

76-34 Chris Hunter "Locus of Control and Familiarity as Factors in Perceptual Defense"

76-35 Lisa Marie Rykowski "The Role of Play in the Cognitive Development of the Mentally Retarded Child"

76-36 Suzanne Gicewicz "Schizophrenia"

76-37 Dan Hrinko "Social Set as a Choice Determiner in an Ambiguous Situation"

76-38 Gail Morrison "Creativity and Personal Space: A Comparative Study"

76-39 Mark Dougherty "Anxiety Reduction as a Function of Medication in Psychiatric In-Patients"

76-40 Cynthia Robbins "Religious Experience in a State Mental Hospital: Varieties and Functions"

76-41 Cynthia Dilbone "Independent Sensory Expression of Mental Images (Schemata)"

76-42 Daniel E. Morgan "Cost-Benefit Analysis of Muskingum College Orientation Program"

77-01 Victoria Kilchenman "Learning Disabilities"

77-02 Bette McMuldren "A Personality Measure of Internal-External Orientation Related to ESP Scores"

77-03 Tom Barry "Belief and Non-Belief in ESP in Relationship to Card Test Scores"

77-04 Mike Gruber "Hypnosis: History, Theory, and Practice"

77-05 missing

77-06 Mike Dauka "The Assessment of Social Intelligence:An Empirical Approach in Test Construction"

77-07 Susan Chase Goodsill "Personality Study of Students Using Function Approach to Geometry"

77-08 missing

77-09 Rosanna Ruth Imhausen "Pressures for Change in the Traditional Male Role and the Traditional Role of the Father in the Family"

77-10 Bruce Eshler "Generalization of Learning Cues"

77-11 Gordon R. Furbay "The Concept of God on Children"

77-12 missing

77-13 Edsel Sims "The Use of Natural Mediators in Paired-Associate Learning as a Function of College Major and Presentation Rate"

77-14 Peter Trout "Relationship Among Aggression, Intelligence, and Visual-Motor Abilities in Children"

77-15 Linda Bartlett "Teaching Environmental Awareness in Elementary School"

77-16 Gerald J. Vejsicky "Piaget and Moral Development: An Overview"

77-17 Miriam Hardesty "Reading Readiness"

77-18 Ann Lanham "Children's Views Of Foreign People"

77-19 Nanci McCray "Haptic Versus Visual Form Discrimination of Letters in Preschool Children"

78-01 Patrice G. Heckman "Privacy: How Students Have Affected Privacy in the Muskingum College Students Residences and the Effects of Architectual Design on Privacy"

78-02 Jeffery Kent Diehl "A Biorhythm Study"

78-03 Danielle I. Banning "Attitudes, Behavior, and the Environment"

78-04 Rick Fuller "Methods of Persuasion Used in Advertising"

78-05 Marsha A. Oliver "A Study of Learning Disabilities: An Attempt to Develop Language"

78-06 Robin Fleagane "Factors Affecting the Career Orientation of Women"

78-07 Mary Beth Phan "Meanings of Death and Fear of Death"

78-08 Rebecca Hohman "Piaget and Age, Two Alternatives"

78-09 Kathy Chain "Relationship Between Decorating and Utilization of the Muskingum College Faculty Lounge"

78-10 Jeffrey D. Farmer "The Personality Analysis of the Matcher and Non-Matcher in a Probability Learning Situation"

78-11 Leslie Conger "An Examination of Play Behaviors and their Usage in Children's Therapy"

78-12 Patti Stillwagon "The Apllication of a Changing Criterion Behavior Modification Approach to a Profoundly Disturbed Pre-Adolescent Male"

78-13 Susan Gail Morris "Psychological Concepts Operative in Training Horses"

78-14 John Niccolls "Ultrasonic Signal Production by Rodents"

78-15 Patrick M. McQuillan "Locus of Control as a Correlate of Person and Object Perception"

78-16 Stephanie Kotai "Identification and Diagnosis of Learning Disabilities"

78-17 Phyllis McCleery "The Relation of Intelligence, Aggression, and Self-Concept in Learning Disabled Children" 78-18 Danny B. Toops "Job Satisfaction"

78-19 Denise Hodgson "Cultural Conflict: A Case Study of the Kanawha County"

78-20 Robert M. Ferguson "Social Psychological Factors in Christian Koinonia"

78-21 John Porter "Testing Animal Intelligence: Formation of a Learning Set, Reversal Learning, Delayed Response Task, and Delay of Reinforcement"

78-22 Valerie Schnuth "Learning Disabilities"

78-23 Betsy Wolford "Perception of Environment"

78-24 James Kevin Snyder "Advertising and the Brand Name Stigma of Consumer Preference Among Cigarette Smokers"

78-25 Steven Kropp "Locus of Control and Consumer Behavior"

78-26 Deborah A. Dearing "The Effects of Training Techniques of Piaget's Quanitative Conservation Tasks of the Five Year Old Child"

78-27 Bruce J. Hodgkinson "Hyperactivity in Children"

78-28 Alison Hand "An Overview of Current Research on the Study of Childhood Autism with a Case Study of an Autistic Child"

78-29 Judy Kadell "Variables in Recovery from Stroke"

78-30 Bruce W. Hulme "Aggression in High School Athletics"

78-31 Melissa McAndrews "The Examination of Student Withdrawls at Muskingum College"

78-32 Teresa Ponchak "Personal Space, Age, Sex, Target Sex, Dress Mode, Body Type: A Stimulation Study"

78-33 Tim Haning "Huey Long: Politics and People"

79-01 Devona Rene Fountain "Social Processes Within the Juvenile Court"

79-02 Laura Opal Dilly "The Self Concept of Female Juvenile Delinquets and Non-Delinquets"

79-03 Melanie Warren "Career Orientation of Senior College Women as it Relates to Attitudes Toward Women and Personality Traits"

79-04 Ruth Ann Morris "The General Electric PDC: A Study in Communication"

79-05 Jeanette Diane Rownd "Survey of Student Needs at Muskingum College"

79-06 Melanie Brauning "Lyndon Baines Johnson: A Look at his Personality"

79-07 Kevin Poland "Three Methods of Attitude Change Towards Blindness and Blind People"

79-08 John Steven Lee "Remembrance of Watergate: A Retrospective Study of Memory"

79-09 Mindy Christopher "Birth Order and Its Relationship to Academic Performance"

79-10 Phyllis Berghorn "The Psychologist and the Law"

79-11 Shelly L. Skvorets "Punishment vs Rehabilitative Objectives: Focus on the Female Institution"

79-12 Christine A. Rosenberg "Personal Space and Aging"

79-13 Benjamin John Gilliotte "Aggression in Male Rats Following Sex Experience"

79-14 Ann Collins White "A Study of the Quality of Parental Relationships in Teenage Males Who Engage in Unlawful Activity"

79-15 Larry Overmire "Actor's Handbook: The Glass Menagerie"

79-16 Martha Frankel "The Emotional and Physical Effects of the Menstrual Cycle on Women"

79-17 Sharon Fansler "Diversion: an Attitude"

79-18 missing

79-19 Beth Ellen McCandless "Perception of Advisor Characteristics from Student, Faculty, and Administrative Viewpoints"

79-20 Sandra E. Addy "Elementary School Guidance"

79-21 Cathy George "A Review of the Literature: Teacher Expectations and Their Effects Upon Student Behavior"

79-22 Joyce A. Westerkamp "Christian Education: Effects on Moral Development"

79-23 Constance L. Crawley "The Imaginary Companions in Children and Their Relation to Play"

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