Alumni from the 1960's

60-01 Walter Ernest Bates "A Study of Segregation in Education"

60-02 Gail Biery "Psychology's Need for the Phenomenological Approach"

60-03 Mollie Brunner "The Education of Mentally Retarded Children"

60-04 Janet Gray "The Women's Resident Student Counseling Program at Muskingum College"

60-05 Don A. Jaenke "Halo Effect"

60-06 Mary Louise Leonard "Psychological Relations of the Family to Mental Illness"

60-07 Richard Mumford "The Influence of Learning on Personality"

60-08 Chris Rosenhoffer Jr. "Meprobomate in the Treatment of Psychosis and Severe Neurosis"

60-09 Harry A. Rossi "A Survey of Selection Procedures inIndustry"

60-10 Beverly Scarpete "A Comparison of Recovery, Inc. and Alcoholics Anonymous with Emphasis on Group Therapy" 60-11 Lynn Carol Schellman "The Contributions of Professional Guidance and Counseling in Helping the Adolescent to Solve His Problems"

60-12 Joanne Nolan Van Gorder "Guidance-the Application of Psychology in Education"

60-13 Thomas T. Zastudill "Psychological Aspects of Cerebral Palsy"

60-14 Dan Hennessey "The Gifted"

60-15 Carole Johnson "The Characteristics of Speech Defective Children"

60-16 Hazel Ault "The Role of the School Psychologist"

60-17 Richard Maxwell "Dream Interpretation: A Study of the Freudian School of Thought, With a Short History of Dream Interpretation"

61-01 Carolyn MacMillan "The Effect of the Endocrines Upon Personality Development"

62-01 Martha Bronwer "Teaching Machines"

62-02 Nancy Bullion "Psychoanalysis of Neurotic Children in the Latency Period"

62-03 Dean Davenport "Psychology of Color"

62-04 Mary Hines "Review of the Literature Conformity to Group Influence"

62-05 Ross Lindsey "The Differential Effects of Group and Individual Systems Upon Performance and InterpersonalRelations"

62-06 Cyrus Granger McKinney Jr. "A Review of Certain Variables Influencing Group Administration of the TAT"

62-07 Patricia Ross "Color Personality Experiment"

62-08 Ronald Stoof "Are the Criticisms of Subliminal Advertising Valid?"

62-09 missing

62-10 John Yocum "Autohypnosis: A Review, Discussion, and Experimental Design"

62-11 John Ruckenbrod "The Controversial Approaches to Motivation Research"

62-12 James Lecrone "The Relation of Anxiety to Intelligence, Learning, and Test Performance as Criterion of Academic Achievement and the Study Anxiety and Achievement in the Test Situation"

62-13 James K. Gibson "The California F Scale in Psychological Studies on Planaria"

63-01 Gene Chiaverini "The Psychopathic Personality"

63-02 Pamela S. Dailey "A Comprehensive Report on Psychological Studies on Planaria"

63-03 William M. Hiebert "Thought Reforms of Americans"

63-04 James Earl Kiser "A Progressive Look at a Current Problem of Educational Retardation"

63-05 Keith Ramsay "The Phenomenon of Depth Perception"

63-06 Thomas Stein "Biological Make Up of the Flatworm"

63-07 Janice L. Neill "Hypnotically Induced Dreams"

63-08 Ann Corrigan "Inquiry into Insight"

63-09 William R. Schultz "Suicide and Social Class"

64-01 Jeffrey Alan Holzworth "Self-Social Constructs of Grouped Junior High School Students"

64-02 H. Larry Humm "A Study of Attitude Change"

64-03 George R. Madasas "An Examination of the P.K. Hypothesis"

64-04 Virginia Price "The Modern Woman and her Role Conflicts"

64-05 David L. King "The Relation Between Suggestibility and Dependency in the Asthmatic"

64-06 Earlene Berthold "Intelligence and Curiosity"

64-07 Beverly Hopwood "Connotative Word Meanings"

64-08 Stephen Lower "The Relation Between Personality Types and The Visual Effects of Leveling and Sharpening"

64-09 Sandra Mackintosh "Consideration of the Biochemical Basis for Behavior in Planaria"

64-10 Terry L. Myers "Generalization and Discrimination in Classical Conditioning"

64-11 Eben A. Peer II "Creativity and Group Membership"

64-12 Margaret Ann Renton "Sexual Delinquency In the Female Adolescent"

64-13 Judith L. Spillard "The Relationship Between Ethnocentrism, Intolerance of Ambiguity, and Extremity of Judgements"

64-14 Patricia Siller "The Predictive Value of Peer Nominations in a College Situation"

65-01 Paul A. Anderson "Perception of Ideal Self and Friend"

65-02 Ann Bonsall "A Psychological Analysis of Creativity andAuthoritarianism"

65-03 William R Brown "Creativity and Dominance"

65-04 Portia Wolski Burger "Identity Crisis and the Self"

65-05 David Fouser "The Conscience"

65-06 Robert Orndoff "Factors Related to the Etiology of the Authoritarian Syndrome"

65-07 missing

65-08 Thomas F. Swigart "A Survey of the Experimental Approach to the Study of Conformity"

65-09 William Trumpeter "Leadership and Personality Variables: Need Achievement, Need Aggression, Need Dominance"

65-10 Mark Wise "A Validation Study of the Brainard Occupational Preference Inventory"

66-01 missing

66-02 Jill Friend "Identification Patterns of Negro Leaders"

66-03 Alfred D. Fulton "Authoritarianism and Political Ideology"

66-04 Tony Greifzu "The Prediction of Grade Point Average with Emphasis on Motivational Studies"

66-05 Sue Osborne "Comparison of Attitudes of College Freshmen and College Seniors"

66-06 Ron Ross "Examination Into the Relationship Between Selected Scores on The Edwards Personal Preference Test and Standings in the Intramural League"

66-07 Diane Humhries "California F Scale: Social Attitudes of Freshmen, Seniors, and Parents"

66-08 David Wesseley "The Relationship Between Study Habits, Extroversion, and College Grades"

66-09 Gary A. Keller "Food Aversions to Neurotic Tendencies and Parental Influences"

66-10 David Alan Webb "An Investigation of Attitudes that Might Affect Clairvoyant Performance"

66-11 missing

66-12 Carolyn Keefe "Academic Motivation: A Review of the Literature"

66-13 missing

66-14 Thomas E. Todd "The Effect of Summation of Fear Rsponses on Goal-Directed Visual Discrimination Learning in the Mouse"

66-15 John Stonberg "The Influence of Punishment on Conformity"

66-16 Jacqueline Ann Wicks "An Analysis of Robert Frost's Development"

66-17 Kazuko Kobayashi McIntyre "The Personal World of Schizophrenic Children: Understanding of Childhood Schizophrenia From Perception"

67-01 Mari Jo Miller "Ribose Nucleic Acid: Effects on Learning and Retention"

67-02 missing

67-03 Linda Sommers "The Dynamics of a Disassociated Personality"

67-04 James R. Krauss "Drug Imprinting in Albino Rats"

67-05 Susan Dalva "Differentiation in Ranking as a Function of Conformity or Non-Conformity to Expectation"

67-06 Malcom A. Lexander "Field-Dependence: A Function of Insecurity"

67-07 James Teasdale "A Comparison of Three Types of Laboratory Rodents Using the Dimension of Emotionality"

67-08 Marjorie Napier "An Evaluative Study of a Counseling Program for Failing Students"

67-09 Sue Kratz "The Relationship Between Creativity and Racial Prejudice as Expressed by First Grade Children"

67-10 Diana Decker "Patterns in the Relationship Between One's Self-Judgement and his Judgement of Others"

67-11 G. Hannah Wright "Psychological Structuring of Sound"

67-12 Karen Wade "M Level and Mode of Presentation in Learning Second Language Equivalents"

67-13 William S. Blades "The Effects of Serax (Oxazepam, Wyeth, on a Lever Pressing Responds"

67-14 Richard G. Van Dyke "A Validity Check of Peterson's Brief Scale for Juvenile Deliquency"

67-15 Daniel J. Reinhart "The Effects of Knowledge and Achievement on Time Estimation"

67-16 Jenifer Hokman "Effect on the Length of the Delay of Response Period in Training Upon Transfer of Training of Originality"

67-17 John L. Lowe "A Study of Personality Factors, Grade Point Ratio, Extra Curricular Activities, and Campus Responsibility and Their Correlation with Drinking among Upperclassmen at Muskingum College"

67-18 Peter LeVan "Metrazal Experiment"

67-19 William G. Fleming "The Maturity Construct: A Constant Between Two Circumstances"

67-20 Carol Eason "The Effect of the Sex of the Shill and the Subject on Conformity"

67-21 Ron E. Darling "Selected Personality Traits and Religiosity"

67-22 Laraine Zbikowksi "Lateral Hypothalamic Electrical Stimulation in Satiated Rats"

67-23 Carol Christy "Social Attitudes towards the Deviant and Conforming Group Member"

67-24 Jon Vaughan "Innate and Acquired Pecking Preferences in Newly Hatched Chicks"

67-25 Alan Conover "Environmental Effects of RNA on Learning in Planaria"

67-26 Kathy Vossler "The American Council on Education Test of Critical Thinking: An Analysis and Evaluation"

67-27 Jeff Monheim "The Occurrence of Peptic Ulcers as Related Generally to a High Level of Anxiety and Particularly to a Dependency/Independency Conflict"

67-28 Lester A. Standiford"Relation of the Cooperative English Test to Academic Achievement and Standard Measure Criteria"

67-29 Larry Cole "The Individual and the College Community"

67-30 Daryle Farvo "A Study of the Diagnostic Reading Tests as a Predictor of Academic Success"

67-31 Don N. Shrimplin "Factors Which Differentiate Vocationally Decided From Vocationally Undecided College Freshman"

68-01 Leslie E. Bacon "Abstract for the Comprehensive Examination as a Measure of Student Achievement"

68-02 Gail D. Bond "Effects of Commitment on Attitude and Behavior Following a Persuasive Communication"

68-03 Lynn Disegi "A Follow-Up Study of Psychology Majors Graduating from Muskingum College in 1964, 1965, 1966, and 1967"

68-04 Deanna Durben "Correlation of Sexual Activity with Grades and Intelligence of Muskingum Students"

68-05 S.E. Kurtz "The Effect of Visual Noise on Form Perception"

68-06 Nancy Doll Lowthian "A Review in an Area of Conformity"

68-07 George Marquis "College Characteristics Index: An Analysis and Evaluation"

68-08 Patricia Napoli "Occupational Preference as a Function of Social Class"

68-09 Ferole Parmelee "A Correlation Study Between the Watson-Glasser Critical Thinking Appraisal and Nine Variables"

68-10 Marcia Philion "Sex Differences in Reading Achievement"

68-11 Craig Raughley "Sensory Deprivation"

68-12 Oliver N. Warobi "Form Perception of the Educable Retarded Child"

68-13 Nancy Wilson "Social Class and Adjustment"

68-14 Richard L. Lyman "Detection of Visual Convergence as a Nonverbal Cue of Emotion"

68-15 W. Howard truelove "Variables of the Aesthetic Experience"

68-16 David Shooter "A Review of the Mirror Drawing Experiments"

68-17 Florance Stoneberg "Odor Preference of Original and Foster Litters in the White Female Rat"

68-18 Jean M. Raffaele "Avoidance-Conditioned Responses in White Rats that are the Effects of Control Injections"

68-19 Carole Pastora "Auditory and Visual Stimulation and Distraction"

68-20 Jean E. Glezen "Research Proposal on the Physiological and Behavioral Effects of Experimentally Induced Artereosclerosis in the White Rat"

68-21 Richard Goss "A Review of the Psychology of the Aged"

68-22 Ronald D. Kirkwood "Electrical and Chemical Stimulation of the Lateral Hypothalamus in Rats"

68-23 F. Gerald Borsh "Attitudes and Expectations About Psychology and Psychological Testing as Mental Sets Affecting the Results in Psychological Testing"

68-24 Barbara Krysa "Satiation VS Generation"

68-25 Stanley E. Feltz Jr. "The Effects of Observation on Extinction of a Learned Avoidance Response in Female Albino Rats"

68-26 Frederick Langner "The Application of the W-A-Y- Technique to Children's Self-Perception"

69-01 Robert Fine "Olfaction's Role in Dominance Discrimination"

69-02 Robert J.M. Abernathy "College Students Preferences for Various Professor Types"

69-03 Jacqueline Dudek "The Effect of Lunar Phases on the Human Cycle Functions as Related to the Birth Rate"

69-04 Albert L. Moore "Relationship Between Selected Measures of Study Skills and Academic Performance"

69-05 James R. Kingsley "The Guilford-Zimmerman Temperment Survey as Related to Residence Hall Counseling Success"

69-06 Jim Ewalt "The Effect of Distributed Practice and Conceptual Similarity on Verbal Discrimination"

69-07 Susan Fracassi "Effects of Training in Acquisition ofNumber Conservation"

69-08 Scott D. Goode "Differential Attitudes Toward Crime and Criminal Behavior"

69-09 Brian R. Lacey "Comparison of Anticipation and Recall Procedures with College Students and Schizophrenics in Verbal-Discrimination Learning"

69-10 Jonathon B. Judd "Time Estimation and the Concept of Arousal"

69-11 missing

69-12 Lauretta Park "The Role of the Riticulo-Endothelial System in the Axquisition of a Conditioned Avoidance Response"

69-13 Richard Carter "The Effects of Stress on Visual Perception"

69-14 Steven D. Brown "Effects of Oxazepam on Conditioned 'Fear" and its Transfer to the Normal State"

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