Alumni from the 1950's

50-01 Margaret J. Baatz & Robert F. Craven "A Psychological Study of the Vocational Interests and Choices of the New Concord High School Seniors and the Clarification of These Interests and Choices by the Administration of the Kruder Preference Record and the Mooney Problem Check List Supplemented by a Period of Counseling"

50-02 Nelson Beck "A Study of the Existing Use Being Made of the Science of Psychology in Certain Secondary Schools of Possible Additional Uses"

50-03 Howard Jamison Brackett "A Job Analysis of Psychiatry as a Profession: The Education Needed, The Types of Cases Treated, The Professional Standing, Level of Renumeration, and the Development as a Profession"

50-04 Naomi M. Bunker "The Psychological Study and Evaluation of the Girl Scout Movement Showing the Effect Upon the Girl and Upon the Organization with Which She is Associated"

50-05 J. Harmon Davies "A Psychological Study of A Special Class of Mental Defectives in a Public School of Ohio"

50-06 Carolyn E. Goodman "A Psychological Study of the Causes of and Personal and Social Effects on Delinquency Manifested in the Adolescent Girls in the United States With Comparison of Casual Factors and Effects of Delinquency in Urban Areas and in Rural Areas"

50-07 Carolyn E. Goodman "A Psychological Study of the Effectiveness of Present Day Types of Methods for the Treatment of Delinquency on the Part of Girls in the United States"

50-08 Philip Huntley "A Psychological Study of the Subjective and Objective Factor Productive of the Most Satisfactory Home Life for Foster Children"

50-09 Sally Hurchman "The Effect of College on a Girl's Wardrobe"

50-10 Gordon J. Miller "The Psychology of Prayer: A Study of Prayer Showing the Psychological Elements of Prayer and its Relation to the Individual"

50-11 Doris Lee Raymond "A Psychological Study of Human Reproduction and How to Present a Series of Six Lessons to a Group of Freshman and Sophomore High School Girls"

50-12 Harry C. Surls "A Psychological Study of Alcoholics Anonymous: Background of the Organizaton, Its Present Procedures, with an Interpretation of its Methods and an Evaluation of its Results"

50-13 Joan McKnight "A Psychological Study of Effectiveness of Adjustment Between Selected Pairs of Women Roommates at Muskingum College"

50-14 Patricia Boylan " A Psychological Study of the Principles, Methods, and Techniques of Directive Discipline Whereby the First Grader can best be Simulated to Adapt Himself to the Classroom Environment"

51-01 Charolette Ellen Boswell "A Psychological Study to Determine the Most Prevalent Problems Expressed by Freshmen and Senior College Students and their Attitudes Toward the Counseling Services of Muskingum College"

51-02 Charolette Ellen Boswell "A Psychological Study to Determine the Prevalence and Nature of both Color Ignorance and Color Bindness Among the Students of Muskingum College"

51-03 W. C. Copeland "A Psychological Study in Diagnostics for the Purpose of Introducing the Author the to Field of Testing: Which is Achieved by an Analysis of Certain Basic Objective and Projective Mental Tests Through the Medium of Testing an Intelligent Male College Senior"

51-04 Anne Grifith "A Psychological Study of a Selected Group of Students Previously Registered in Willis High School, Delaware, Ohio and Who Withdrew from High School Before Graduation; Special Attention is Given to Reasons for Withdrawl as Stated by the Withdrawing Students"

51-05 Paul H. Haslett "A Comparison of the Author's Visual-Pattern Method with the Standard System of Touch Type-writing"

51-06 Mary Ellen Baldredge Jameson "A Psychological Study of the Personnel Program of the Joseph Horne Company of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and its comparison to other Department Store Personnel Programs"

51-07 Dale Rice "The Selection of a Group of Students to be Used in Validating a Test Designed to Measure Student Attitude of Respect for the Worth and Dignity of Others"

51-08 Glendon K. Saultz "A Psychological Study of Historical and Present Day Aspects of Educational Personal Work"

51-09 Eleanor Louise Miller "A Psychological Study of Intellectual Development on the Part of Six to Eight Year Old Children as Shown by their Reaction to Words"

52-01 Thelma Anderson "An Investigation of the Relationship of Certain Personality Test Scores of College Freshmen and the Degree of Change of Their Opinion Relative to These Questions as a Result of Panel Discussion"

52-02 Alice McElbany "A Study of the Historical Development of Psychoanalysis, Emphasizing Freud's Theories and Their Concrete Meaning"

52-03 William Phillippe "A Psychological Study of Types of Perception Produced by Normal and Subliminal Influences"

52-04 Sally Royal "An Investigation of Children's Spontaeous Reading Interests: A Study in Children's Reading Interests in Relation to the Comics with some Evaluation of the Comics"

53-01 Russell Edward Brownlee "A Study of the Application of Psychology to Human Relations in the Field of Industry"

53-02 Robert James Elliot "A Psychological Study of the Mental Hygiene Training of a Priest of the Protestant Episcopal Church"

53-03 Doran Allen Garey "A Psychological Study of theReligious Status of an Adolecent Church Group: Their Comprehension of Religious Concepts, Their Religious Emotional Motivation, and the Practical Expression of their Religious Self-Assertion"

53-04 Owen K. McGraw "A Psychological Study of the Social Needs in Cleveland's Over-Populated Areas in Respect to the Effectiveness of the Y.M.C.A. Program to Meeting These Needs"

53-05 Robert Walker "A Program of Pastoral Premarital Counseling: A Guide to Formulating a Constructive Program for Producing Unified Personalities in the Christian Marriage Partnership, Deal with the Period of Engagement"

53-06 Dick Roller "A Study of Some of the Psychological Factors Involved in Effective Radio Advertisting with Special Emphasis on Radio Commercials"

54-01 Jerry Cogdell "A Study of the Extent to which PracticalPsychology Must be Employed in the Curative Treatment of Crippled Children"

54-02 Rees Elliot Dilger "A Study of the Extent to which the Earliest Memories of College Students are the Result of Shock Conditioning"

54-03 Mary Linn "Study of the Extent to Which Self-Confidence can be Taught to College Students in a Group Psychotherapy Session"

55-01 Read Backus "The Psychology of Juvenile Delinquency as a Social Problem: Manifestations and Causes on the Part of Boys"

55-02 Gene Cartwright "Hypnosis and Therapy"

55-03 Eleanor J. Cleland "Relationship Between Stagefright and Inferiority Feelings"

55-04 C. Bruce Haning "Relationship Between Personality Traits Popularity"

55-05 Martha Elizabeth French "The Relationship Between Popularity and Classroom Behavior in a Third Grade Group" 55-06 F. Moffet Mitchell "Relationship Between Anxiety and Grade-Point Ratios of College Freshmen"

55-07 Kyle Riggs "Consistency of Judgement"

55-08 Lou Ballor "The Internal Consistency of Rigidity of Behavior"

56-01 Jane Anderson "Extratensive Traits and Texture Music and Color Preference"

56-02 William R. Barks "The Performance of Delinquents and Non-Delinquents on the Stick-Men Test"

56-03 Helen Calhoon "Relationship of Extrotension to Brightness Constancy"

56-04 Lota Jo Echols "Ability to See Self as Others Do and Social and Emotional Adjustment"

56-05 Bill McGuire "Extroversion, Introversion, and Musical Preference"

56-06 James B. Miller "Constancy of Value Standards Upon Emotional Stability"

56-07 Donald G. Yates "Group Cooperation Involving Values and Interests of Group Members"

56-08 William L. Thomas "Objective Measurement of Suggestibility to the Y.S. and Extrotensive-Introversive Factors of the Rorscharch Test"

57-01 Robert Douglas "Psychosomatic Illness: A Study of Psychosomatic Illness as to Causes, Manifestaions, Prevalence, and Cures"

57-02 Jane Kenneweh "Muskingum College Reading Improvement Program"

57-03 Mary Lou McBurney "Hypnosis: Its Progress from Mesmer to Hypoanalysis"

57-04 Ronald L. Mortan "An Effort to Discriminate Some Explantion for the Variance in G.P.R.'s Below 1.5 Between the Barracks and Memorial Dormitory"

57-05 Joan Smith "A Limited Survey of the Counseling of College Youth by Protestant Church Personnel with General Background Material Concerning Man's Problems and Counseling Techniques"

57-06 Edwin Swanson "An Analytical Psychological Study of the Allport-Bernon Study of Values Test "

57-07 Alex J. Murray "How Wundt Ties Up with American Psychology: Tichener and Structuralism, Watson and Behaviorism"

58-01 Susan S. Ashbrook "A Study of Mentally Retarded Children with the Purpose of Identifying the Brain-Injured Child"

58-02 Mert Conrad "A Psychological Seminar of the Protestant Minister's Task, To Determine a Selective Individual Fitness for the Job of a Protestant Minister"

58-03 William N. Marshall "Industrial Psychology"

58-04 Nancy Paddock "A Comparative Study of Psychological Aspects of Adoption"

58-05 Charles Weaver "The Interview as a Means of Employee Selection"

59-01 Suella Chin "Leadership"

59-02 E. Gary Cosmar "Achievement Tests in Industry"

59-03 Robert Oliver Denton "Japanese-Americans: A Study of Ethnic Predjudice"

59-04 Dana Duff Donald Gritman "A Replication of the Cat in a Puzzle Box Experiment"

59-05 Jerry Estock "Psychology Seminar: Group Psychotherapy"

59-06 David Faircloth "The Relationship between Social Status & Mental Illness"

59-07 Don Gilbert "Hypnosis"

59-08 Barri Gotham "The Case for Child-Centered Play Therapy"

59-09 Frank Graves "Criminal Rehabilitation"

59-10 Thomas L. Kane Jr. "The Psychological Climate for Counseling"

59-11 Terry Powell "The Psychological Warfare Problem of the United States"

59-12 Robert H. Roush "The Medical Use of Hypnosis"

59-13 Harold Caldwell "A Study of Introversion-Extroversion...Its Causal and Relative Factors"

59-14 Robert Group "Self Actualization"

59-15 Jean Kappler "Psychology of Reading"

59-16 W. R. Robb "Merit Rating in Industry"

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