Alumni from the 1940's

44-01 Alice M. Schumutz "A Psychological Study of the Possible Personal Values to be Achieved by Participation in Girl Reserve and Hi-Y Clubs"

44-01 Alice Schumutz "A Psychological Study of the Nature and Causes of Racial Hatred: With Emphasis on the Exaggerated Expression of the Hatred in Wartime United States"

44-02 Margaret Wales "A Psychological Study of Occupational Study: The Scope of Occupational Therapy: The Qualifications of the Occupational Therapist: The Results of Occupational Therapy Treatment"

44-03 Lois Offenhauer "A Psychological Study of the Influence of the Wartime Environment on Children from Two to Twelve Years of Age and the Resulting Emotional Problems"

47-01 John L. Campbell "A Psychological Study of Personal Work as it Applies to the Education of the Student to the End of Evaluating the Aspects of Personal Work as a Life Vocation"

47-02 John L. Campbell "A Psychological Study of the Problems Involved in the Adjustment of College Students through the Medium of Counseling by a Member of the Counseling Staff of the Institution"

47-03 Robert M. Jones "A Psychological Study Involving a Job Analysis and a Consideration of the Opportunities for Counseling Staff of the Institution"

49-01 M. Jacqueline Carlson "An Inventory Involving Relative Scoring of a Group of Kindergarten Children Covering Their Intellectual, Social, Motor, and Emotional Reactions and Based on Observations Within the Kindergarten and the Comparison of This Group, on the Average, To Standards Set Up for the Five-Year-Old Child"

49-02 Robert L. Dickson "A Psychological Study of the Prayer Life of Selected Biblical Characters: An Inventory to the Items Involved in Prayer, An Application of This Inventory to the Prayer Development of Complete Christian Prayer"

49-03 Jo Ann Evans "A Psychological Study of Special Classes for Slow-Learners in Public Schools in the Central Portion of Ohio"

49-04 Jo Ann Evans "A Psychological Study of a Selected Group of Pre-School Pupils Through the Collection of Anecdotes, Drawings, and Observations"

49-05 Harry C. Surls "A Psychological Study of Combat Neurosis: Historical Background, Varieties of Cases, Types of Therapy, Resultant Improvement, and Community Oversight and Care"

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