Alumni from the 2000's

00-01 Sarah Arnold--"Locating Predictors of Juror Decision-Making"

00-02 Elizabeth Crabtree--"The Morality of Blaming the Victim: An Examination of the Phenomenon of Blaming the Victim and One's Personal Religious and Moralistic Beliefs"

00-03 Jennifer Decker--"The Effects of Accurate Reporting in Clinical Situations"

00-04 Jennifer Gastrich--"Is Society Becoming More Androgynous? A Study of the Desirability of Stereotypical Female and Male Characteristics"

00-05 Stela Gega--"Fear Reactions to a Horror Film Viewed by Phobic Subjects Alone or in a Group"

00-06 Kerry Gilligan--"Gender Differences and the Other Race Effect"

00-07 Ryan Houck--"The Effects of Parental Divorce on Students' Use of Tobacco and Alcohol"

00-08 Tammy Kotowski--"The Effects of Labeling Strategies on the Acceptance of Novel Labels in Preschoolers"

00-09 Jason McCrory, Brooke Davis, & Patricia Dickerson--"Estrous Female Odor and Oxytocin Effects on Copulation Potentiated Aggression in Male Rats"

00-10 Jason Micenko--"Self-Esteem in College Students with Attention Deficit Disorder"

00-11 Amanda Moore--"Helping a Distressed Female: Gender and Social Determinants"

00-12 Erika Rene Reinemeyer--"College Students Drinking Behavior and the Importance of Their Family Environment"

00-13 Anne-Cameron Smith--"Social Influence and Compliance Techniques the Disrupt-The-Reframe Model"

00-14 Robin Stock--"Focus of Attention on Young Children's Helping Behavior within a State of Negative Affect"

00-15 Theresa Teter--"Solving Interpersonal Problems with Emotions or Experience"

00-16 Jill Waggoner--"Place Attachment Among First Year Students"

00-17 Jason Waite--"The Relationship Between Social Alienation, Self-esteem, Extraversion, and Certain Pre-college Characteristics"

01-01 Sarah Bauer--"The Relation Between Decision Making And Choice Under Uncertainty And Self-Efficacy"

01-02 Andria Bosler--"Reduction of Intermale Aggression Following Encounters with Estrous Females or Their Odors"

01-03 Tiffany McPeek--"Simple Feedback and Complex Feedback Training Methods on Preschool Aged Children's Conservation of Number Acquisition"

01-04 Carrie Cook--"The Effects That Life Events Have on a Person's Susceptibility to Abuse Substances"

01-05 Keith Engel--"Odor Effects on Aggression Following A Sexual Experience In Rats"

01-06 Danielle Collette--"The Effects of Fashion Magazine Exposure on the Self-Esteem of College Females"

01-07 Christy Fisher- "Who Cares about the Environment? A Study of Environmental Responsibility and the Five-Factor Model of Personality"

01-08 Amanda Hall--"Gender And Sex-Role Stereotypes Influence Attitudes Toward Capital Punishment"

01-09 Wendy Hamilton--"House Tree Person Test Indicators of Aggression In College Students: A Validation Study"

01-10 Amy Fails--"Blaming the Victim; Differences Between Age, Gender, and Culture"

01-11 Greg McMillan--"The Role of Facial Attractiveness on the Decision-Making of Employers"

01-12 Christine (Campanella) Newell--"Willingness of Men and Women to Marry Someone With Certain Characteristics"

01-13 Jamie Shepherd--"The Effects of Coaching Behaviors on the Peformance, Confidence, and Social Achievement of Division III College Softball Players"

01-14 Autumn Sowa--"The Concept of God: Shame, Guilt and Moral Development"

01-15 Amber Sherman-- "Place Attachment among First-year Students"

01-16 Carrie Verchio--"Central Vs. Peripheral Route Advertising Messages In The Effects of Body Consciousness"

02-01 Michelle Beatty--"Personality and Happiness: Exploring Relationships between Locus of Control, Coping Mechanisms and Subjective well being"

02-02 Amy Bell--"Smokers perceptions of the benefits of cigarette smoking compared with performance on a sustained and selective attention task"

02-03 Jennifer Cindric--"What's In A Name? The Effect of Sterotypical Names on Juror Guilt Ratings"

02-04 Laura Clay--"Does gender affect the link between organizational citizenship behavior and performance evaluations?"

02-05 Stacey Coates--"The differences in the level of affection between fine arts students and non-fine arts students"

02-06 Sarah Darby

02-07 Connie DeCaria--"Comparison between public and private preschool programs"

02-08 Jennifer Ballman--

02-09 Michelle Emrich--"Self esteem, perfectionism, and dietary habits among college athletes"

02-10 Stacey Gardner--"Measurement of Acetylcholine in the Basal Forebrain and Cortex During Amphetamine Stimulation"

02-11 Kristina Schleeper--"The Effect of Music on the Cognitive Task Performance of Introverts and Extroverts"

02-12 Heather Grosskopf--"Imagination Inflation for action events: Repeated imaginings lead to illusory recollections"

02-13 Matthew Herron--"Colocalization of the a-Estrogen Receptor and Enkephalin MRNA Expression in Hypothalamic Neurons of Estrous Ewes"

02-14 Jennifer Keough--"Social Facilitation and Inhibition of Audience Reaction to A Humorous Film"

02-15 Ashley Layman--"The influence of fashion magazine advertisements on the body image satisfaction of young American and Greek women"

02-16 Faith Luyster--"Sexual self-schema and definitions of sexual partners among college women"

02-17 Jamie Mathers--"Gender effects dealing with the pygmalion effect regarding source credibility"

02-18 Amanda Owen--"Attribution of blame in four different rape scenarios"

02-19 Sharon Scarcella--"Personal Factors and Coping Mechanisms Used in Stressful Situations"

02-20 Kate Schiro--"Difference between early childhood majors and parents perceptions on quality child care"

02-21 Nicki Somerville--"Mood, scoring, and compliance in response to touch conditions"

02-22 Julie White--"Association between adult attachment style and own recollections of parental rearing"

03-01 Emma Archer--

03-02 Douglas Bachmann--"Religiosity As A System of Punishment and Reward in College Students and Adults"

03-03 Jason Bare--"Extracurricular Activities Effect on Self-Esteem and Leadership Ability"

03-04 Angela Burnside and Christina Glaus--"The Impact of Environmental Cues on Morphine Tolerance in Chicks Using Isolation-Induced Distress Vocalizations as an Indicator"

03-05 Krisha Cronin--"Effects of salary and attractiveness on the willingness to date"

03-06 Beth Gernert--"Effects of Ritalin on Play and Cognition in Rats"

03-07 Carrie Glass--"Social Attribution Theory and Political Attitudes"

03-08 Amanda Green--"Academic self-assessment of students with learning disabilities in comparison with those students not characterized with a learning a disability"

03-09 Sherry Guisinger--"The Effects Divorce Has on Children"

03-10 Matt Kendrick--"Hand preference Comparisons on A Novel Task of Hand Dexterity"

03-11 Megan Kiefer--"Self-esteem and anxiety in college dyslexic students"

03-12 Morgan Leister--"Effects of hospitalization and illness among children and their families. What types of programs are offered in hospitals to help with coping and understanding?"

03-13 Kendra Liff--"Traveling/vacationing: stress levels, amount of travel and affects on attachment to home, and affects on geographic knowledge"

03-14 Jessica Mellinger--"Perceptions people in our society generally have of children from divorced, single-parent, and step families"

03-15 Sarah Nines--"The impact of Child Life Specialists on children who stay in the hospital during their childhood years"

03-16 Nikki Novell--"Satisfaction of A Merit Pay System Among Faculty at A Small Liberal Arts College"

03-17 Katy Pieratt--"Effects of Mood and Stress on Adolescent Eating Behaviors"

03-18 Kimmy Rugg-- "The impact of parental relationships on young adult intimate relationships"

03-19 Kate Wenger--"Focus on oneself versus a focus on other people in relation to happiness, success, and self-esteem. Are people happier when they focus on themselves or on helping others?"

03-20 Lance Wolfinger--"Age, Drug Use, and Attribution of Blame"

03-21 Elise Zuppas--"Effects of childhood trauma, and the way in which they cope with that situation and others that may arise, on behavior in adolescents"

04-01 Katie Bonnot--"The relationship between locus of control and risk taking behavior"

04-02 Julie Burroughs--"The effects of misinformation upon recall of events in a film"

04-03 Justin Gregory--"Fear of crime and gender differences"

04-04 Beth Hadbavny--"Examining perceived quality of life amongst a younger population"

04-05 Kalyn Hall--"Birth order: in relation to who we turn to in different situations"

04-06 Jeanette John--"The effects of parent career satisfaction on their children's achievement motivation"

04-07 Erica Johnson--"Facial attractiveness and its relationship to perceived competence and personality"

04-08 Kathleen Johnston--"The relationship of self-monitoring and self-disclosure in theatrical actors vs. non actors"

04-09 Marissa Kent--"Gender and generational perceptions of rape scenarios with attire and alcohol consumption as contributing factors to victim blame"

04-10 Cliff Lahrmer--"Health risk behavior early in adolescence as a predictor for current health risk behavior for college students"

04-11 Ashlee Law--"The effects of haloperidol on locomotor activity and dopamine levels in the brain"

04-12 Tara Martin--"Locus of control and attribution in students 7-12 who have or have not been diagnosed with ADHD"

04-14 Susan Melhorn--"Cardiac-specific overexpression of fibroblast growth factor-2 is medicated through the protein kinase c-dependent pathway"

04-15 Lindsey Ray--"The effects of greek life on problematic drinking and academic performance"

04-16 Maria Rogers--"Seasonal affective disorders and personality traits"

04-17 Jessica Roth--"Depression in first year college students"

04-18 Melissa Skidmore--"An investigation into parent views, curriculum, and book choice in early literary motivation"

04-19 Jose Smith--"The influences of competitiveness and hyper competitiveness on performance of a repetitive task in a competitive situation"

04-20 Emily Tacosik--"Utilizing the Myers-Briggs vs. standard roommate matching techniques to facilitate the enhancement of pairing college roommates"

04-21 Cara Thompson--"The Relationship between body image and perceived pain tolerance"

04-22 Jessica Turchik--"Relationships among compulsive buying, personality traits, depression and self-esteem in college students"

04-23 Kendra West--"Assessing risk perception, sensation seeking, self-monitoring and sex-role perception across cultures"

05-01 Jodi Bates--"Levels of aggression among high school athletes"

05-02 Tom Carr--"Pheromonal influences on athletic ability"

05-03 Julie Combs-"Female mate preferences for different relationships commitment level"

05-04 Stephanie Driscoll--

05-05 Missy Fields--"Influential factors in the willingness to volunteer: mood, religiosity, and gender role orientation as measures"

05-06 Casey Forgrave--"Gender stereotypes toward preschool children among college students"

05-07 Laura Hawn--"Gender differences and age preferences in human mate selection"

05-08 Stephanie Laube--"Effects of emphasis placed on proficiency test scores on anxiety/stress levels in 4th graders"

05-09 Angie Lewis--

05-10 Bill Meyer--"What determines advertising effectiveness?"

05-11 Zach White--"Vipassana meditation in fraternity members: effects on empathy, prosocial behavior, and moral development"

05-12 Rachel Workinger--"Attitudes of college students on crime, and their beliefs in restorative justice"

06-01 Libby Valentine-- "Deindividuation and the internet: The role of extroversion in online behaviors"


06-02 Cari Beazel-- "The effects of ephedrine in spontaneously hypertensive rats"


06-03 Jennifer Chicwak-- "Using art therapy as a diagnostic tool"


06-04 Brian DelGreco


06-05 Kelly Dempsey-- "The effects of magazine images on college students self- esteem and body image"


06-06 Amanda Eibel-- "Responses to dissatisfaction in close relationships"


06-07 Perry L. Fletcher-- "Gender stereotyping in children’s books"


06-08 Michael J. Frank-- "The effects of personality, competitiveness, and leadership on athletes and non-athletes in a situation where teamwork is a requirement"


06-09 Tara Funk-- "Parents’ expectations, discipline, and nurturing and preschoolers understanding of rules"


06-10 Ryan Hawkins-- "The relationship between risk behaviors in athletes and non-athletes"


06-11 Robert T. Jung-- "Handedness/ functional laterality: Differences in spatial ability"


06-12 Amanda King-- "Sociological factors influencing the perception of child abuse"


06-13 Rachel King-- "Effects of threatening situations on racial attitudes"


06-14 Tara Meredith-- "College students’ attitudes toward homosexuals"


06-15 Jason Minosky-- "How preschool- age children understand sarcasm: The role of echoic mention and sarcastic intonation"


06-16 Sarah Neal-- "Social learning in juvenile and adult starlings"


06-17 Jamie Nicholson-- "Alcohol use in first-year college students: The role of coping, stress, and expectancies"


06-18 Brandon Shephard-- "Effects of abuse on mood, faith, and self-esteem"


06-19 Sarah Slaughter-- "Testosterone improves strength in rats"


06- 20 Zachary Witucky-- "Investigation of self- evaluative motives in achievement situations"

07-01 Tiffany Bender-- "Comparing the effectiveness of self- made and provided acronyms and acrostics"


07-02 Jacob L.Chrismer-- "The effects of color on memory in advertisements"


07-03 Stefani Cvetkovska --"Friendship satisfaction between same sexual orientation and different sexual orientation dyads"


07-04 Megan Finley-- "Media effects on body image and the role of social comparison theory"


07-05 Jessica Gromes --"The effects of birth order on creativity, intelligence, and personality characteristics"


07-06 Johnathan Hiett-- "How do we understand ambiguity? Immediacy of interpretation and its factors"


07-07 Kara Kotarsky-- "External influence on body image dysphoria in adolescent women and men: A study of media effect"


07-08 Emily Lauer--"Attitudes towards seeking professional help in college students"


07-09 Jami McDonald--"Motivation and personality types of public school and home educators"


07-10 James Miller--"The relationship between personality traits and music performance"


07-11 Lopa Mudra Paul-- "Preparation and behavioral evaluation of novel analogues of methylphenidate hydrochloride"


07-12 Lisa Reavis-- "Effect of exposure to creative literature on measurable student creativity"


07- 13 Jessica Shipe-- ''Motivational influences on motor learning in children"


07-14 Angela Soos-- "Effectiveness of forced-used therapy on learning using manipulative dexterity tasks"


07-15 Atul Todi-- "Blue flower, red thorns! Blue flower, red thorns! Blue flower, red thorns! Oh, this would be so much easier if I wasn’t color- blind!"


07-16 Lisa Wayt-- "Gender and aggression differences in the ability to recall emotional words"


07-17 Courtney Wenzel-- "Exploring the cause of adolescent tobacco use through the theory of planned behavior and consideration of future consequences scale"


07-18 LaRinda Wickes-- "Gender differences in mate selection and how they differ in a short- term, versus a long- term relationship"


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