Neuroscience Major Course Requirements and Options

Basic Science Core:

BIOL 107: Biology Laboratory
BIOL 112: Organismal Biology II
BIOL 226: Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology
CHEM 111,112: General Chemistry I & II
PSYC 101: Introduction to Psychology
PSYC 151: General Experimental Psychology
PSYC 232: Behavioral Statistics

Neuroscience Core:

NRSC 201: Topics in Neuroscience (must take 3 times)
NRSC 305: Cognitive Neuroscience
PSYC 281: Physiological Psychology
BIOL 368: Advanced Neuroscience
NRSC 308: Neuroscience Practicum
NRSC 407, 408, 409: Neuroscience Research I, II & III

Neuroscience Distribution: (Choose any three of the following courses)

BIOL 336: Cellular Physiology
BIOL 375: Molecular Biology
PSYC 361: Sensation and Perception
PSYC 381: Advanced Psychobiology
PSYC 391: Comparative Psychology

If you plan to go on to graduate or professional school here are some additional suggested electives (in some cases they are required by those schools):

BIOL 213: Functional Histology
BIOL 306: Genetics and Evolution
CHEM 213, 214: Organic Chemistry
CHEM 418: Biochemistry
CPSC 100: Intro to Computing or CPSC 111: Computer Science I
MATH 190: Beginning Calculus
PHYS 101, 102: Introductory Physics I & II
PSYC 307: Learning and Motivation

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