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Department of World Languages
Walter Hall

Language Resources
Lab Manager

Mission of the Resource Center

To provide Muskingum University students access to materials for the study of language and culture. Audio and computer workstations are available for onsite work. 
To promote the development of new materials for the learning of language and culture by the faculty of the Department of World Languages. Tools include computer workstations,  audio digitizing capability and media-related software. 
To facilitate second-language acquisition via software, DVD and VHS 
To serve as a technology-enhanced classroom 

30 PC workstations with DVD drives. All workstations equipped for sound and multi-lingual word processing. 
Multi-region/multi-standard DVD player, and DVD players are available for students and instructors. An instructor workstation allows for projection of data or video. 
Audio, electronic dictionaries, software and courseware, audio CDs, and CD-ROMs for language learning. 
Web based instructional resource center for French, German, Spanish and ESL
SONY Soloist installed on each computer for digital audio recording

Students, faculty or staff have access to the lab.

The language lab will have designated hours for class instruction.Faculty have the option of teaching their classes in the language lab. 

Lab Rules
No drinking or eating in the lab.
Students using the lab sign their name on a roster
Students leaving the lab for an extended period of time will be logged out. 
Students not adhering to the lab rules may be asked to leave.

Additional Lab Services
Classroom labs may be reserved for whole class instruction. 
Workshops for faculty and language assistants