Dr. Franz-Joseph Wehage
Department of World Languages
International Educator of the Year
Recipient of the William Rainey Harper Award for Outstanding Scholarship at Muskingum University
Recipient of the OFLA Outstanding Technology Award
OFLA ALL STARS in 2000 and 2002!

Senior Seminar 2005: Kaspar Hauser
Seminar Spring 2006: Military Breakdown: Film Representation of the Final Years of the Second World War
Senior Seminar 2006:  Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down this Wall
Senior Seminar 2009: "Dass die Hölle so schön sein kann".
                                  Die wahre Geschichte über das Leben, den Tod, und die Flucht aus einem sowjetischen Gefangenenlager
Senior Seminar 2009:  Good Bye Lenin (2003) and Das Leben der Anderen (2006): Examples of an economic and ideological change in the GDR
Senior Seminar 2010:  "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" The Causes, Effects, and the Cure of Hyperinflation During the Weimar Republic (1914-1923)
Senior Seminar 2010:  Solar Energy, Wind Power, and its effect on the Global Economy
Senior Seminar 2011:  The German Perspective of Unification in modern German Film, Interviews and Media. 
Senior Seminar 2011:  Propaganda in the Third Reich. The Rise of Adolf Hitler. 
Senior Seminar 2011:  German Engineers and their contribution to the World Economy.


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