Servus! Wie geht's? Moin Moin!
Application for the German House
Language Lab
Modern Language Department
6 students from Deggendorf University will be at Muskingum for the fall semester of 2009
3 students from Passau University will be with us as well, all three for the full year
Spring 2010 will provide us with another two students from Deggendorf University
Where can I find information on German in general?  Is there a study abroad program in Germany? Of course. You can either go for a summer,a semester or a year. Also, please contact the International Student Office
What benefits do I gain from studying German?
Practical reasons!
Muskingum College offers German majors and minors residence in the German House where they immerse in German culture and also get to know exchange students from Passau University. You can also apply for a Scholarship in German which will be an important entry on your CV.
The German Club hosts weekly meetings in the German House, 151 Lakeside Drive. Every Thursday night students can watch international movies in Boyd Science Center 336.  What German Courses are offered at Muskingum?
How is German taught at Muskingum College? All German classes have a substantial online component (sample).  Where can I get help in German? The German language assistant
from Passau University lives in the German House and provides free tutoring.
Who is the German Professor?
Where do I find information on the German major, minor or International Business? Is there a database for German Culture? Yes.
Can I read German newspapers online? Absolutely!
German Club
German-American Day
The computer lab provides state of the art computers paired with a SONY 9000 language lab. Where can I find information on internships and working abroad? Please check the German homepage