Dr. Franz-J. Wehage
Department of Modern Languages
Muskingum University
New Concord, OH 43762

NameLucas Pattison
Hometown: New Concord, OH
Major: German; Minor: Spanish
Passau University Fall 2008 and Spring 2009
Winner of the 2010 Phi Sigma Iota Award Dr. Santiago Vilas

Why did you choose to pursue your degree?

  • In high-school, I had always wanted to take German, but it was not offered in my school so I ended up taking Spanish for four years.  Upon entering college, my intentions were to have psychology as a major and Spanish as a minor, but when I took my first German class in the 2007 spring semester, I fell in love with the language.  I then decided that a major in Spanish and German would be much more rewarding for me.
What types of jobs are available for students who share your major?
  • Where to beginÖ?  German is very useful for business majors, international affairs majors, political science majors, engineering majors, chemistry majors, physics majors, philosophy majors, pre-med, and education majors.  Knowing German will most definitely be a valuable addition to any résumé. 
How will you use your degree upon graduation?
  • With just the language majors, I am open to whatever may come my way.  Perfect case scenario would be to work at a university for a couple of years and then possibly start translating for an international company.
What activities are you in?
  • Concert Choir
  • Menís Chorus
  • German Club
  • Spanish Club
Elements a person should possess to succeed in your major?
  • Grammar, Grammar, Grammar!  Having already learned a foreign language, or having a good handle on your own language and grammar makes a big difference in how fast you will learn German.  Knowing the parts of a sentence is essential for learning the declensions and word order.  It will make things just that much easier.
What advice can you offer for someone who is considering having the same major as you?
  • Take German 111 (or 211) the first semester.  It is a LAE requirement to take a language class in order to graduate, so you have nothing to lose by taking it.  If you KNOW that you want to major in something else other than German, donít dismiss the possibility of double-majoring!  If you know how to use your LAE (Liberal Arts Essentials) checklist efficiently, a double major (in the major of your choice and German) is relatively easy.  Donít be afraid to ask your advisor / upperclassmen / Dr. Wehage / myself how to get the most out of your LAE checklist.  Most people are glad to help if you just ask.
  • Summer German Program (either Lüneburg or Passau)ÖI highly suggest it.  It is really quite affordable and it almost pays for itself in terms of how much a credit hour at Muskingum costs and how much you will learn.
  • Get to know the professors and the foreign language assistants!
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