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The Table 251/291
Muskingum University
Dept. of World Languages

Placement: This class is designed for students who have taken  German, French or Spanish  at Muskingum for one semester or three years in high school (251) or two years at the university level (291).

Course Goals and Objectives:
This one semester hour course is intended for students who want to stay in touch with French, Spanish or German language and culture. The core of this class comprises pronunciation, vocabulary and conversation. The class may be repeated three times for credit, but it counts no more than twice in German, French, Spanish or International Business.


Each week a topic, (with a handout as a guide) will be chosen as the focus of the next week's discussion. The idea is to have everybody talk as much as possible about that topic. Sometimes it will be all Q and A, sometimes a mini drama or other group activities, and sometimes written opinions that you will read in class. Know the assigned material. This means know the vocabulary and be prepared to talk about it. If you don't have an opinion, invent one. In short, project yourself into the topic so that  conversations can be fun.

Course outline:
1. Excerpts from newspapers and magazines
2. Video materials on culture
3. Conversational topics
4. Commercials, news, weather forecast
5. Short oral presentations on assigned topics
6. Group activities
7. Internet activities

Create a check chart that provides three columns for the students:
It's very interesting It's okay It's uninteresting
Holidays and Customs I like
  • Sports
  • It's okay
    Cars Why not fashion? Don't care
    Fairytales great
    Films awesome
    Politics Why not architecture or art?

    During the semester you will talk about yourself and your interests, you may prepare a recorded skit, play games, and give informal presentations on topics with which you are familiar.

    We will meet in a variety of settings other than the classroom, such as the language houses and outdoors, to encourage variety of discussions. Most of the time your goal should be to use the language in the same way as you would in English with a friend, rather than the more structured communication of a conventional language class.

    Student Responsibilities:
    You are expected to attend classes regularly because regular practice is the key to the acquisition of a new language. Since frequent absences will not allow you develop your oral skills, they will negatively impact your grade. Absences due to previously-scheduled, sanctioned university activities must be cleared with me one week in advance or they will count as unexcused absences. Homework is minimal, but the oral exposes will involve some preparation.

    Your final grade will be computed as follows:
    Attendance      30%
    Participation      30%
    Homework      10%
    Final presentation     30%

    Resources for 251

    Internet Radio Europe

    Foreign Language characters:

    Internet search engines including film sites:

    Access to Newspapers from all over the world: World newspapers 

    News and Newspapers in French, Spanish and German
    World newspapers and magazines:


    Spanish on BBC
    Radio Stations in Spain
    Radio Stations in Argentina

    Spanish Proficiency


    Enrique Yepes: Paginas de ayuda para estudiantes de espanol
    The Yepes webpage includes an invaluable resource tool for intermediate and advanced learners. The site includes Yepes and other outstanding websites for tutorial drills, e.g. Nelson and Arana sites. In addition, the user will find grammar guide for use in writing, a writing style manual, and "Herramientas de espanol," an extensive outline of essential Spanish structures based on John Turner's "All the Spanish Grammar You Really Need to Know."

    A guided-reading selection in Spanish based on a song by Dominican artist Juan Luis Guerra, optional translation provided, related isolated practice provided for subjunctive with interactive responses. The multimedia and culture- based visuals make this a very versatile and engaging educational tool. A colorful photo gallery of Dominican scenes enhances the module.


    French on BBC
    Radio Stations in France and Canada
    Interactive French Site
    French Grammar


    Marie Ponterio - SUNY Cortland - International Communications and Culture


    German on BBC
    Radio Stations in Germany and Austria
    Internet Radio

    Kaleidoskop: Alltag in Deutschland
    Presentation of aspects of everyday life in Germany, such as persons, places, institutions, etc.


    Author: Easton Language Education
    This well recognized site provides excellent resources for the teaching and learning of ESL and foreign languages. The foreign language sources include materials for: Albanian, Chinese, Croatian, German, Italian, Latin, Polish, Russian, Spanish, and other languages.

    Radio in Europe and the World--all online

    Major web site where you find access to many sites in all three languages including ESL
    Ideas for 251 in general-huge data base