Symbols of Excellence
Last update:  2006

Department of Modern Languages
Muskingum College
New Concord, OH 43762

Students on the Dean's List Spring 2004
Sabrina Bachmann (FREN)
Jessica A. Stroup (ACCTP, BUSI, FREN) 
Jocelyn M. Workman (POLS,  INTAF, FREN) 
Rebecca Clough (SPAN, SPCO)
Matthew P. Downing (SPAN)
C. Ryan Hurley Niezgoda  (SPAN) 
Christine N. Szymanski  (SPAN) 
Stacy L. Yurina (INTBU, SPAN, BUSI,    ECON)
Adam Milazzotto (INTBU, SPAN)
Kathryn E. Korosa (MATH,  BIOL, SPAN) 
Beth Lawson (SPAN)
Ryan C. Bobst (GERM, INTAF)
Jennica Magers, (GERM, INTAF)

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