Spanish Movies Fall 2002
Sept. 26, BSC 343, 7-9p
A Spanish photographer (Antonio Resines) goes to New  York in an attempt to sell his work. Despite his broken English and his shyness, he meets two editors that might be interested in publishing his pictures...

Oct. 24, BSC 343, 7-9p
The movie has been directed by Tomas Gutierrez Alea, at 72 the greatest of Cuba's filmmakers and one of its most contradictory. The movie has real strength and charm, especially in the way it leads us to expect a  romance, and then gives us a character whose very existence is a criticism of his society. [Robert Ebert. Chicago Sun-Times]
Nov. 21, BSC 343, 7-9p

"Butterfly" takes place during that brief moment in Spain between the formation of the Republic and the Civil War. Written by Rafael Azcona. Based on the collection of short stories Que Me Quieres, Amor by Manuel Rivas. Running time: 97 minutes.