Course Projections in Spanish

Major Requirements (33 credit hours starting with 211)
    * Spanish 123, 431
    * One course from another foreign language at the appropriate level
    * Attendance at La Mesa de Español (251) expected every semester, required when not enrolled in a Spanish course; 2 hours applied to major or minor
    * 12 of the required 33 hours must be completed on campus before participating in a study abroad program or permission of the Department.
    * No more than two upper level courses taught in English are allowed to count toward major requirements.

Minor Requirements (17 hours)
    * Spanish 123
    * Placement at appropriate level with permission of department chair

Teacher Licensure Requirements
    * Multi-age Foreign Language (Pre-K through age 21).
    * Visit Education department pages for specifics

10/FA SPN 111-1 Beginning Spanish I  9:00-9:50 AM MWF  Beth Butler
10/FA SPN 111-2 Beginning Spanish II  11:00-11:50 AM MWF   Beth Butler
10/FA SPN 211-1 Intermediate Span. I  10:00-10:50 AM MWF  Sandra Alzate
10/FA SPN 211 2 Intermediate Span. I  12:00-12:50 PM MWF  Sandra Alzate
10/FA SPN 325-1 Hispanic Civilization       Beth Butler
10/FA SPAN 290-1 Spanish for Criminal Justice      Beth Butler
10/FA SPN 123-1  Masterpieces   Sandra Alzate
10/FA SPN 431-1 Senior Seminar  Sandra Alzate
10/FA SPN 251-1 Table TH 12:30 1:20  TBA
11/SP SPAN 111 Beginning Spanish I    11:00 AM 11:50 AM  MWF  Beth Butler
11/SP SPAN 112-1 Beginning Spanish II  9:30 AM 10:45 AM TH  Beth Butler
11/SP SPAN 112-2 Beginning Spanish II 12:30 PM 1:45 PM TH  Beth Butler
11/SP SPAN 221 Intermediate I       Sandra Alzate
11/SP SPAN 211-1   Intermediate II   10:00 AM 10:50 AM  MWF   Sandra Alzate
11/SP SPAN 212-2 Intermediate II    12:00 AM 12:50 AM  MWF   Sandra Alzate
11/SP SPAN 302  Advanced Grammar   1:00 PM 1:50 PM  MWF  Beth Butler
11/SP SPAN 303  Panoramas II     2:00 PM 2:50 PM MWF  Sandra Alzate
11/SP SPAN 251 Table     12:30 1:20   TH   TBA