Department of Modern Languages
Muskingum University
New Concord, OH 43762

Conference Presentations

Students Kirsten Sears and Laura Soper presented their senior research papers at The 22nd Annual Undergraduate Research Conference in April 16, 2010 at Butler University. Based on Argentinean last dictatorship, both students interpreted literary texts produced in the aftermath of the dictatorship. While Kirstenís work titled "De izquierda a derecha: Argentina y la última dictadura" interpreted a contradiction of ideologies, Laura did a political reading of two short stories written by Julio Cortazar in "El compromiso politico de Cortazar."

Spanish and International Affairs major Morgan Brown ('09) presented his Spanish senior seminar research paper at the Ohio Latin Americanist Conference at Ohio University in Athens in March, 2009. The title of the paper was "Notas de viaje de Ernesto Che Guevara: Diarios de un viaje y testimonio de su concientización."

   Students Abroad

"Studying abroad in Mexico was a diverse experience, from exploring its modern cities to its ancient archeological sites to its gorgeous beaches. It was fascinating to become integrated into a culture that is struggling to merge with the modern "westernized" world, all while holding onto its distinct Latin American roots. While the travel opportunities in Mexico are endless, with great landscapes and endless charming towns to visit, it's really the warmth of Mexican culture that invited me to study abroad there and something I will never forget. People are unbelievably welcoming and because not many speak English beyond the university environment, using and improving my Spanish was necesary. In short, my experience allowed me to see past the negative stereotypes of Mexico so I could enjoy a culture so far from that of the US, yet so close to its borders."

Allison Maykuth

"After spending half a year living in Spain and traveling to different countries, I feel as if I have had a unique and truly unforgettable experience, to say the least. I have not only made life long friends, but I have also had the opportunity to see parts of the world and how vastly divergent our planet is. This experience has only furthered my interest in learning about other cultures and sparked my curiosity to know more about the world. I would highly recommend it to students who are curious about the world and have an interest in language immersion."

Suzanne Nichols

"Studying abroad in Toledo was an overall enriching experience for me. It was an opportunity to take courses that interested me and at the same time improve my Spanish. Also, I was able to meet not only local Spaniards but also international students from a wide variety of countries; many of whom I keep in regular contact and plan on visiting again. Anyone considering studying abroad should do it because its a one-time experience that one will never forget."

Matt Mayforth

"While abroad in Spain outside of my normal class schedule I got a chance to visit 3 continents (Europe, Africa, and Asia) but whenever it came time to return to Toledo, Spain I felt like I was coming home.  The different cultures my friends and I experienced on out spring break or weekend get aways reminded us how great our study abroad experience was.  One example that made us all feel extremely proud of our spanish was being in Morocco where we couldn't communicate the simplest things.  Upon returning to Spain we felt relieved to know that our spanish skills, though not great, were at a level where we could go about our daily business and have small talk on the side.  This may not sound impressive but it's a great feeling to know that you are not dependent on others, just the language.  I know for a fact that this semester I will be feeling homesick for my 5 month study abroad (vacation) in Spain."

Michael Besl


"Studying abroad is an adventure beyond all description and no matter how much you hear about it or think you know about it, there is only one way to find out what it is really like. My name is Jourdon Leymon and I have been fortunate in having two opportunities to study abroad, once in Argentina and once in Spain. I am unable to fully relay how much a study abroad program can teach someone because when someone is actually in another country learning new costumes, traditions, eating different food, meeting entirely unique people, speaking in another language, and adapting to a completely new and exciting way of daily life, the most subtle life lessons are learned and experienced by that student. There is no end to the possibilities when studying abroad because you become immersed into something so special and so unique that unimaginable before leaving this country. For me, the way in which our country tends to block itself off from the rest of the world and focus so intently on itself prevented me from understanding how fantastically diverse the rest of the world could be. Upon discovering my own little piece of the world throughout my travels, a certain motivation and curiosity has been ignited to further investigate this incredible planet along with the wonderful ways of life and people who inhabit it."

Jourdon Leymon

"I knew I wanted to study abroad, and in getting to know the Spanish teaching assistants I was able to ask questions about the two universities in Spain and Argentina.  They were such a great resource, and in the end I selected a university because I felt I would personally fit best there.  I knew I would be learning a lot more Spanish, eating new foods, and probably dancing some Tango in Argentina, but I didn't realize how much I would learn about myself.  Regardless of what study abroad program you select, you will learn an incredible amount about yourself, accumulating life skills that will continue to serve you long after you return home."

Kirsten Sears