Muskingum College International Business Alum Profiles

You will see from this sampling of alums that they have a wide variety of occupations. There are Muskingum International Business alums working for federal and county government, for Fortune 500 companies, for smaller companies, and even one entrepreneur with her own start-up enterprise. There are alums who have lived in Asia and Europe and alums who have traveled around the globe for business and for pleasure. There are IB alums who are in contact with people from other cultures on a frequent basis. There are IB alums who have worked halfway across the world from Muskingum and alums who work at Muskingum. There are alums who work in joint ventures, global consulting, translation and interpreting, sales, international disaster relief, ESL teaching, international finance, advocacy for the disabled, volunteer work with immigrant populations, and international student exchange. The International Business advisors thought you would enjoy seeing where others have ended up, so here are some random examples:

Meagan Aaron, '98, double-majored in International Business and Spanish. She is a Learning Systems Consultant for Development Dimensions International, Inc., Bridgeville, PA. Meagan consults with global organizations using a competency-based learning system to help them identify, develop, and retain leadership talent and help them hire and promote talented, motivated people. Meagan is engaged to a Frenchman and frequently travels to Paris to see him.

Thomas Ault, ‘06, a Spanish and IB grad, works for the Columbus branch office of Expeditors International, a company that tracks, traces and provides constant updates for major corporations that both import and export cargo to countries worldwide. Some of the major companies they serve are Abercrombie and Fitch, The Limited, and Longaberger.

Ryan Buckingham, '04, majored in French, International Business, Business, and Economics. He is now a Sales Analyst/Coordinator for Batesville Casket Division of Hillenbrand Industries, Inc, a Fortune 500 company. Ryan's territory which includes the Eastern US and all of French-speaking Canada. His job responsibilities include: administration of sales programs and customer contracts, month-end and ad hoc sales reporting and analysis, database management, support of computer sales applications and French language translation and interpretation. As a muskie, Ryan completed a semester of study at the University of Toulon-Var, where he received a recognition of "Distinction" for achieving near-native fluency in French. Ryan states, "I am fortunate to have the opportunity to employ all the skills and knowledge that I've picked up through my education and travels to contribute to a successful career start." He resides in Harrison, OH, in the Cincinnati metro area. ,

Kristin Buhrman, '99, Business, Economics, French and International Business major, worked for a large global human resources management firm in Cincinnati before completing a Master's of Entrepreneurship at Xavier University. She has now started her own company in Virginia.

Kyle Crilow, ‘05, is a Sales and Logistics Coordinator for Johanson Transportation Service in Madison, Wisconsin. This is a third-party transportation service. Kyle brokers and negotiates freight moving domestically from a customer to a buyer through a carrier. The company has recently begun implementing an international division and Kyle hopes to move into international sales and logistics. Kyle spent two summers studying in France and traveling throughout Europe while at Muskingum.

Lauren Daywalt, ‘05, now works for HSBC, "the world's local bank," as a Sr. Account Executive in the Consumer Lending Division in the Akron/Canton area. HSBC USA Inc. is one of the nation's 10 largest bank holding companies by assets, offering its 3 million customers access to global markets and services. The HSBC Group is headquartered in London. While Lauren's primary focus is in the business sector, Lauren states "My French degree has played a huge role in helping me to attain this position and build rapport with my clients. It surprises me that nearly each day I discuss my semester abroad or my educational background with my clients which helps us relate either through their own experiences or those of their children. I am coming up on 2 years with the company now and I cannot relay in words what my French education does for me on a day to day basis." Lauren spent a semester studying at the university of Toulon-Var in France before completing degrees in International business and French.

Adam Gulling, '03, French and International Business double major, is an Operations Specialist for International Procurement Agency, Inc. in the Canton, Ohio office of this Amsterdam-based company. Adam uses his international business skills on a daily basis to assist people around the world. Adam purchases supplies of all kinds for international relief organizations. He recently traveled to Washington, D.C. to work on a contract for a computer upgrade at all Peace Corps locations. Adam has procured hand pumps in India for use in Niger and tents and mosquito netting for Indian Ocean tsunami relief. He has arranged for an order of trucks to be sent from Dubai to Kabul, Afghanistan, via chartered planes. Adam has participated in international professional conferences and meetings in London and Amsterdam. Adam helped set up an internship with IPA which INTB major Kelsey Moulder ('06) held in 2005.

Rachel Hanley, ‘05, works as a Human Resources Strategic Planning Analyst , researching and compiling data to forecast skills needed for new Boeing initiatives in Houston, Texas. Rachel is employed by the Boeing Company's Space Exploration Program that works primarily on the Shuttle and International Space Station programs. Rachel explains that the Boeing Company has many international partners, especially international companies that have been contracted by Boeing to do work on the International Space Station. Rachel is currently earning an MBA.

David Hurtuk, '03, a German, International Business, Business and Economics major, is working in the Commercial Real Estate department of LaSalle Bank in Cleveland, OH. David currently works on securing financing for commercial real estate projects ranging in size from $25 million to $200 million. LaSalle Bank is based in Chicago and is owned by ABN AMRO Bank in Amsterdam, one of the 10 largest banking institutions in the world and the only truly global bank in Northeast Ohio, giving David the opportunity to utilize his international skills. Many of the bank's customers choose LaSalle Bank because of its ability to service the needs of their international operations throughout the world. David works with foreign exchange, international letters of credit and global securitizations. David has provided important international career networking opportunities for current Muskingum International Business students in Northeast Ohio.

Candace Jones, '02, lives in Columbus and works as an Accounting Assistant / Estimator for a computer graphic design and trade show exhibit company. After completing the ESTO summer program in Spain with Dr. Brown, Candy spent the year after graduating in Toledo, Spain, where she served as an English Language Teaching Assistant at the University of Castilla la Mancha. She is a Spanish tutor for inner city kids during the school year and is also helping a 60-year-old Hispanic to get her GED. Candy looks forward to a return trip to Spain.

Mike Kanode, '02, works as a Social Insurance Specialist with the Social Security Administration in Columbus, OH. A Social Insurance Specialist analyzes and assesses retirement, auxiliary and survivors insurance claims, Medicare entitlement claims and the non-medical aspects of the disability insurance claims process. Mike also analyzes cases to determine the accuracy of payment decisions and causes of (and resolutions for) incorrect payment decisions. Mike sometimes uses his Spanish skills with Hispanic clients.

Jeanette Krebs Riffle, '02, llives in Reynoldsburg (Columbus metro area) and works as a Workers Compensation Underwriter for Liberty Mutual. She is pursuing her CPCU designation. She underwrites workers' compensation policies for businesses in Indiana and Michigan and deals with clients from Africa and around the world.

Adam Longacre, '00, is in Tempe, AZ where he works for "big four" accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers in their IT Audit group. Former president of the Stag Club at Muskingum, Adam also studied in France and China while a student. Before joining PricewaterhouseCoopers, Adam returned to Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China for one year to teach English.

Adam Milazotto, '05, International Business and Spanish double major, was appointed to be an English teaching assistant at Muskingum exchange partner Universidad de Castilla la Mancha in Toledo, Spain for the 2005-06 academic year. Adam presented his Spanish senior seminar research at the Butler Undergraduate Research Conference in April and plans to work in international business after his year in Spain.

Takeshi Miyata, '03, earned a Master of Science in Applied Economics degree from The Ohio State University, Department of Agricultural Environmental and Development Economics. Takeshi's area of specialization was Regional Economics. He is currently working for Mitsubishi Securities, Clean Energy Finance Committee as a Consulting Specialist based in Musashino-shi Tokyo, Japan. His organization provides consulting services to companies that are interested in creating a renewable energy power plant and wish to trade their emission credit under the Kyoto protocol. Takeshi’s thesis won the designation of “Best Graduate Thesis” at OSU. It is currently being edited for publication.

Scott Ray, '99, International Business and Spanish double major, works at Bloomberg of London in Equity Brokerage Sales - which consists of selling an electronic brokerage platform to equity traders. This is a way to gain direct electronic access to 41 exchanges globally and enables traders to execute complex algorithmic trades while maintaining anonymity in the markets. Scott's territory consists of Spain and London, where he uses his Spanish skills daily. After graduating, Scott served for a year as an English teaching assistant at Muskingum exchange partner Universidad de Castilla la Mancha in Toledo, Spain. Scott is working with his company and Mr. Drubel to develop an International Business internship for Muskingum students in London.

Valerie (Yonker) Smith, '00, Assistant Director, International Programs at Muskingum College, aids Muskingum students in studying abroad and assists international students who study at Muskingum. She coordinates culturally-focused programming. Valerie completed a Master's in Student Personnel at Ball State and worked at Lehigh University for one year before returning to Muskingum. She studied in France in summer, 2000 and has since traveled to Sweden, Australia and New Zealand to work on International Exchange development for Muskingum.

Mary (Hillis) Stayanchi, '98, International Business and French double major, gained international retail experience at Pier One upon graduating. She earned a MA TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) at Bowling Green State University in 2003. Mary taught ESL in Nagoya, Japan from 2003 to 2005. As an Instructor at St. Mary College, Mary taught a variety of English as a Foreign Language courses and content courses, including International Economy and Trade; International Finance; Business; and private lessons for students and business people preparing to go overseas. As an Instructor at Nagoya University of Foreign Studies Mary taught Oral Communication; Writing; and Multimedia courses. Mary also taught ESL course for migrant farm workers at Rural Opportunities, Inc. as a community volunteer and co-authored a textbook for use in migrant education. Mary states: "The International Business degree and work experience with Pier One really helped me out in ESL. One of the trends now is for ESL teachers to get more content knowledge so they can help students with the discipline specific demands of their fields." Mary currently teaches English at BGSU. She studied in both France and Quebec while enrolled at Muskingum.

Daniel Vorhies, '96, who studied and played rugby in Trois-Rivières, Québec as an undergraduate, is now a commercial real estate agent in Monterey, California.

Agnieszka Walter, '01, works as a recruitment consultant for BluePrint Appointments, part of the Grafton Recruitment Group in Dublin, Ireland. She completed an MA degree in International Business from the University of Warsaw, Poland, in 2004.

Jason Walters, '00, worked until 2003 at Accenture in Cleveland, OH, as a Client Financial Management Analyst. He now works at the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company in Akron as a Financial Analyst in Commercial Truck Business Development. At Goodyear Jason is responsible for strategic pricing of new business initiatives (Joint Ventures and Mergers). He has served as project lead on finance-related projects and was promoted in 2005 from a Financial Reporting/Analysis role. Jason is considering earning an MBA in the near future.

Josh Wentz, '01, llives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where he is working on a Master's degree in College Student Affairs. He has also earned a one-year Master's in Music Performance (Opera & Choral Conducting) Josh currently works as Director of Operations, Student Union, Nova Southeastern University. He says: "I am using Spanish AND French regularly here with employees, maintenance people, etc. Very useful to have language skills in Florida!" Josh performed in Sweden and Finland in 2006.

Amanda K. White, '02, lives in Saint Mary's, WV and works in sales and customer service for a manufacturer of flexible magnetic material, located in Marietta, OH, dealing with both international and domestic accounts. Her job title is International Customer Service Representative and she sometimes deals with Spanish-speaking clients.

Molly Wobbecke, '01, currently works for the Knox County Board of MR/DD as a Service and Support Administrator. She serves as a case manager and advocate for adults with disabilities. Molly completed an MBA with Ashland University in April. Molly studied in France in 2000 and recently traveled to England, France, Italy, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.

The profiles above represent only a few examples of what some of your fellow international business alums are doing. It would be great to add more profiles to our next edition. We hate to lose touch with alums (and we promise not to ask you for money!). Please send your profile, updated information, or corrections to Dr. Jean Morris by e-mail: Danke! Gracias! Merci!