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Masters in Information Strategy Systems and Technology
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About the Program
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The MISST program is built on a foundation of learning outcomes, developed by seasoned business and academic leaders, designed to help you develop a broad and integrated set of abilities that include communications, project management, and leadership skills. These crucial skills are honed within courses drawn from the fields of business and information systems. Personal effectiveness is also nurtured through greater awareness of positive professional and ethical behaviors.

MISST instructors focus on seeing you successfully “working at the interface of business and information technology.” Under the direction of experienced business and information systems faculty, you will develop the skills to communicate effectively in both environments and perform at the level at which business strategic decisions are made.

The MISST program develops your skills to form, participate in, and lead high performance teams. Through team-based, project-based courses you master the skills of authentic leadership. You will learn to facilitate analysis and decision-making using a variety of individual and group techniques.

Business Strategy
The core body of knowledge of the MISST program is the role of information technology in the development and implementation of a business strategy. This core body of knowledge includes:

  • How business strategy is formed
  • The importance of business strategy to business performance
  • How business strategy impacts and is impacted by information technology
  • How to convert strategic objectives into reality through the practice of project management

Ultimately, you will learn to utilize existing competencies and learn new ones that aid you in formulating business strategies and developing system designs that balance conflicting requirements. As a graduate of the MISST program, you will possess a set of capabilities that will provide for a productive and satisfying career bridging the worlds of information technology and business strategy.

Students will develop an understanding of the technologies that serve as the foundation for the efficient and effective execution of business processes to achieve an organization's goal. MISST will engage participants in discovering and using leading edge technologies through hands-on exercises. Students will develop skills to select and implement innovative and forward-leading technologies as well as develop an understanding of emerging technology concepts that will provide a competitive strategic advantage to the organization.

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