International Business


The international business major combines courses in business, economics and political science with courses in French, German or Spanish to prepare students for the challenges of the global economy. Students choose approximately one-fourth of their courses from a range of electives, thus meeting their own interests and career goals.

Revised International Business Major

Requirements for Students Entering Muskingum College in Fall 1999 and Thereafter

42-60 hours

Changes in requirements and electives are in italics


CORE (36-53)

318: Managerial Finance

321: Organizational Management

341: Marketing

412: International Business

201: Financial Accounting

130: Introduction to World Politics or

230: Introduction to Comparative Politics

To be taken after Modern Language 240; Economics 215 and 216; and Business 318, 321,341, and 412. Students are strongly encouraged to work with advisors to develop seminar topics/approaches that synthesize language and business skills.

a. demonstrated proficiency in English and another language according to the following guidelines:

Modern Languages 240: Business French/German/Spanish

Prerequisites: 111, 112, 211, 212; students demonstrating proficiency may place out of any or all of these prerequisites with permission of the instructors.

b. ENGL 202: Business and Technical Writing

For students whose native language is not English.

320: Twentieth Century European History or

345: East Asian History since 1800 or

351: Latin American History since 1810

ELECTIVES (6-7) At least 6 hours from the following:

ACCT 202: Managerial Accounting

ANTH 201: Cultural Anthropology

BUSI 326, or 411:Topics

ECON 362: International Finance

ENGL 202: Business and Technical Writing

GEOG 111: World Regional Geography

HIST 320, 345, or 351 (if not used above)

HIST 341: Contemporary Russia

HIST 352: History of Brazil

HIST 353: History of Mexico

HIST 367: The Vietnam Experience

HIST 376: American Diplomatic History

HIST 390: Topics: Canadian History

POLI 130 or 230 (if not used above)

POLI 330: Topics in Comparative Politics

POLI 350: Topics in International Politics

PSYC 271: Industrial Psychology

MODL xxx: An additional course excluding MODL123.

SOCI 350: Social Change in International Perspective

IDIS 300: Internship (approved by international business faculty advisor)