Ken McCollum Ceramics

Functional and Decorative Art with Style

Ken McCollum

Porcelain, Black Terra Sigillata, Cone 5/6 encompass the materials used for the new work.  The work has changed from the stoneware figurative style I had grown into since graduate school.  Concerns of social eye candy and rise in the individual spirit of the 21st century with the lack of regional education of the arts drives my work into a realm of black and white.  The work communicates the need for review of community values and direction.  To me, art has served the purposes of elite propaganda to sensory experience.  My work, in its direct formal qualities, speaks to the needs of overcoming the lack of communication by using high contrast materials with carved images that tempt current versions of reality.

Ken McCollum

The John and Ruth Neptune Art Center

Muskingum University

163 Stormont Street

New Concord, OH  43762

Phone: 740-826-8102

Fax: 740-826-8109


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