Interested in applying for a Summer Internship?  Here are a few things to keep in mind, and a timeline to help organize your progress.

Junior Eric Saas

SCA Intern

This is a time for you to research and find what's available to you.  Put Thanksgiving and Christmas Break to good use and start exploring.

- Search the web for internship opportunities
- Contact Alumni for available opportunities at their institutions
- View the Job Seeker outside of Shirley Atkinson's door
- Stop by Career Services located in the TOC to identify the latest opportunities available and view  the alumni records to start networking

Applying to your chosen internships can be hard work, but it's well worth it in the end.  As an applicant, you'll be required to send in additional information aside from your application.  Some of that additional information may include:  Letters of Recommendation from Faculty, Personal Statement Essay, Resume, Curriculum Vitae, and or  Official Transcript (tips to the application process).

- Request Letters of Recommendation from Faculty AHEAD of TIME
- Request official transcript from the Registrar
- Hash out a concise essay 

Keep in mind that most institutions deadlines for summer internships fall around early January and February.  So be prepared.

- Have complete mailing addresses available to those writing your letters of recommendation and to those supplying your transcript so they can send them to your internship(s) of interest.
-Send in all information keeping in mind DEADLINES