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Josh Smith Class of 2003 - '02 EPA Intern   


     Our plan is to list links and textual information about internship opportunities on the following pages, which might be particularly interesting to students enrolled in either the Conservation Science or Environmental Science Program at Muskingum College. In addition, we hope that ALL science majors will feel completely free to use this site as an aid in their own search for internships.  The links provided on this page range from links for specific internships to tips in putting together your application packet. We hope that you take some time in visiting these links and use some as references for finding the internship right for you, which can be alot of hardwork but a highly rewarding experience in the end. We plan to update this page often, so plan to stop and visit fairly routinely. If you have questions about particular programs, come by and see one of the program advisors. Jim Dooley (BSC 434) and Shirley Atkinson (BSC 430) advise students in the Conservation Science Program while Stephen Van Horn (BSC 221) and Danny Ingold (BSC 431) advise students in the Environmental Science Program.