Student Research

Past Students:  I have mentored over twenty-five different student research projects over the years. Approximately 85% of these students were admitted to a graduate school or professional program. Listed below are some research topics:

                                                                          Instrumentation & Equipment:


                                                     Above: Faraday cage enclosing a stereotaxic apparatus for
                                                                    Fast-scan cyclic voltammetry experiments


                                                                    Above: Small animal stereotaxic apparatus
                                                                                    used for neurotoxin lesions


                                                                     Above: Narishige Micropipette puller for
                                                                            fabricating carbon-fiber microsensors


                                                             Above:  Bio-Rad Microplate Reader used for protein


                                                                    Above: Ultrasonic processor for lysing cells


                                             Above:  Perkin Elmer HPLC with an autosampler and ESA electrochemical


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