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The art department is housed in The Ruth and John Neptune Art Center and Paul Hall on the Muskingum University campus.

The Ruth and John Neptune Art Center is the new home for our Art Department’s program in ceramics, sculpture, and other three-dimensional creative work. The 2400 square-foot building, on a site east of Paul Hall, has been designed to harmonize architecturally with its neighborhood setting. The Neptune Center will provide our students and faculty with spacious state-of-the-art facilities for design and fabrication of ceramics, metals, wood and other malleable materials. The studio features two electric kilns and one gas-fired outdoor kiln, ten pottery wheels, plasma and mig welders and specialized equipment for three-dimensional art processes. The Ruth and John Neptune Art Center honors the accomplishments and the generosity of a distinguished Muskingum couple, Dr. John A. Neptune ’42 and Ruth Dorsey Neptune ’40.

Drawing, painting, and graduate courses are in one of our most historic buildings on campus, Paul Hall.

Art Exhibits planned by the art department now hosted in the Louis O. Palmer Gallery. These exhibits range from the student shows and faculty exhibits to shows featuring visiting artists from all over the United States and other countries.

The Graphic design courses are offered in The new Caldwell Graphics Laboratory (room 360). It consists of 16 computers with extra memory and disk capacity than the other laboratories. This lab features direct digital LCD displays, graphic tablets and specialized software for audio, video, and graphic arts instruction.

The art department also explores the campus for sources of paintings and drawings. During mild weather, classes may be conducted in front of Brown Chapel, by the lake, or in other beautiful locations on campus.



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