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Ken McCollum (Dept. Chair, Professor of Art), Yan Sun (Professor of Art, Gallery Director), Thomas German (Assistant Professor of Digital Media Design), Hong Yin (Assistant Professor of Art), and Amy Kennedy (Lecturer in Art).

The Art Department creates visually literate individuals through quality courses in the programs of art history, studio, graphic design, pre-art therapy, as well as art education. The department seeks to foster a liberal arts environment in which the study of art leads to critical thinking, effective and mature expression, ethical sensitivity and spiritual growth. Courses provide appreciation of and participation in a wide variety of art experiences. The department also presents educational events, gallery programs and a permanent collection to the College and its surrounding community.

Proficiency in the knowledge and skills acquired in the studio disciplines, coupled with a thorough study of art history, can prepare students for graduate fine arts studies, gallery management and museum curation. The art education program leads to careers in teaching as well as graduate studies. Art combined with psychology prepares students for graduate work in art therapy; in combination with business it enhances careers in marketing and similar fields.

Teaching is the primary focus of the art faculty. Members have the master of fine art degree, which is a terminal degree in studio art. The faculty have an active record of exhibitions including solo, competitive and invitational shows.

Students interested in art should contact the department chair at least by the first semester of the sophomore year in college to ensure fulfillment of all degree requirements and for those pursuing preprofessional options, requirements for the Art Institutes program and art education certification.

Student interested in applying for scholarship should contact the department chair and prepare an art portfolio of approximately 10 peices for review.



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