Church Relatedness

Our Role As A Church-Related University

The founding of Muskingum University in 1837 by three local Presbyterian congregations, just nine years after New Concord was platted as a village, reflects the historic commitment of Muskingum University to the church, and the church to the University.

The tie between church and college is symbiotic. Each helps the other fulfill its mission more successfully than either could alone.

Muskingum has always taken its church relatedness seriously. The commitment is demonstrated in the University's mission which is to "offer quality academic programs in the setting of a residential, coeducational, church-related college and in the context of a caring community where individual fulfillment is encouraged and human dignity is respected."

The University's primary purpose is to develop--intellectually, spiritually, socially, and physically--whole persons, by fostering critical thinking, positive action, ethical sensitivity and spiritual growth, so that they may lead vocationally productive, personally satisfying and socially responsible lives.

The University also places special emphasis upon certain community ideals such as tolerance, civility, and respect for the personhood and conscience of others.

Muskingum University also promotes programs that encourage and develop international awareness and understanding. Formal student-exchange agreements exist between Muskingum University and universities around the world.

The Liberal Arts Essentials program (a basic curriculum taken by all students) requires academic exposure to an international perspective, and an international faculty and student body add diversity to campus. The curriculum features a significant and growing amount of course work in foreign area studies, international business, international affairs, and foreign languages and literature.

Religious Life at Muskingum

Muskingum University seeks to assist students in relating their college experience to the Christian faith. Accordingly, the campus ministry is designed to vitalize religious life on campus.

Every student is given opportunities not only for academic study of the Christian traditions and of other world religions, but also for participation in extracurricular programs and groups provided to stimulate intelligent reflection upon, and develop mature understanding of, the Christian faith.

The college minister coordinates the religious life activities on campus and is also available for personal and religious counsel. Campus ministry programs, including the Beacon of Life lecture series, often address contemporary social, political, and ethical issues from a Christian perspective. The college minister's office also sponsors speakers, films, and programs to supplement course offerings.

Through the Center for Church Life, Muskingum works with congregations in the local presbytery to develop programs which will assist churches of all denominations in serving their congregations and communities. Mr Tom Martin serves as the Interim Director. His extention is 6104.

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