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Science students present findings at The James Bradford Colloquium

BRADFORD COLLOQUIUMSenior Science Division students presented their research findings at the annual James Bradford Colloquium, held April 16 at Boyd Science Center.  The colloquium is the culmination of research conducted by seniors from the division’s biology, chemistry, geology, physics and engineering, mathematics, computer science and psychology departments, as well as interdisciplinary programs in molecular biology, environmental science, neuroscience and conservation science.  Their presentations were made to their student peers and the Science Division faculty.  The faculty then choose the top three presenters. 

First place was awarded to Elizabeth Bullard, who presented Boring Brachiopods from Brazil. Her faculty advisor is Assistant Professor of Geology Dr. David Rodland. 

The second place award went to Ashley Fox, who presented Synthesis and Analysis of a Novel Charge-Transfer Complex From 1,2,3,6,7,8-Hexahydropyrene and  Her faculty advisor is Professor of Chemistry Dr. Ray Rataiczak.

Third place was granted to John Bourne, who presented Habitat Fragmentation and Its Effects on the Distribution and Abundance of Salamander Species on a Reclaimed Surface Mine.  His faculty advisor is Dr. Danny Ingold, who is the university’s Homer A. Anderson Distinguished Professor in the Natural Sciences.

The following students also made presentations:

Jesse Hardval presented The Species Profile of Lotic Fish Communities Affected by Landscape Level Surface Mining Degradation. Hardval’s faculty advisor is Associate Professor of Biology Dr. Jim Dooley 

Heather Henry presented Catalase Transfer from Melanocytes to Keratinocytes: Defense Against UVR Induced Oxidative Stress in Human Skin.  Her faculty advisor is Associate Professor of Biology Dr. Toyin Osunsanya.

Christine Ward presented Neuroprotective Effects of a Tocotrienol as a Novel Therapeutic Strategy for Huntington’s Disease.  Her faculty advisor is Associate Professor of Biology Dr. Brian Bergstrom.

Natalie Krauss presented The Impact of Personality and Belief Bias on Syllogistic Reasoning. Her faculty advisor is Associate Professor of Psychology Dr. Dinah Meyer. 

To read abstracts for each of the presentations, click here.