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Seniors present research findings at the James Bradford Colloquium, three winners named

Seniors from Muskingum University’s Science Division presented their research findings to their peers and faculty at the annual James Bradford Colloquium, held April 11 on the campus in New Concord.  Three winners were named for their presentations, as voted by the Science Division faculty. 

The colloquium presentations represent the culmination of the students’ work biology, chemistry, geology and psychology,  as well the interdisciplinary program in neuroscience.

The following seniors made presentations:

First place was awarded to Doug McClain presented Can Breeding Bird Density Drive Vocal Individuality? A Preliminary Study.  His work examined the validity of previous research about the relationship between nesting density and vocal individuality in species including Lincoln sparrows and mountain white-crowned sparrows.

Second place was awarded to Seth Barrett presented, Synthesis and Characterization of Metal-Organic Frameworks From Aromatic Carboxylates.  His work attempted to synthesize metal-organic frameworks consisting of metal ions bridged by organic compounds.

Third place was awarded to Jenna Parrish presented Intraperitoneal Alchohol Injections in Neonatal Rats Induce Hyperactivity.  Her study addressed the cognitive and behavioral deficits that can result from developmental alcohol exposure, including hyperactivity, using rat pups. 

Heather Stoller presented Predicting Areas of Shoreline Erosion in Salt Fork Lake, Southeastern Ohio,  Using Digital Elevation Models and Windninja.  Her research involved how shoreline erosion along man-made lakes can be influenced by several different factors including: inherited hydrological factors, river valley morphology, long- and short-term weather patterns, and human activities.

Leah Dobbelear presented It’s Not Like We’re Married:  Reasoning, Influences, and Gender Differences In Romantic Infidelity. Her work studied the reasons behind acts of infidelity and what kinds of influences play a role when a person cheats on their partner.