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Students present research findings at annual James Bradford Colloquium, three winners named

Muskingum University senior science students presented their research finding at the university’s annual James Bradford Colloquium, held April 19 on the campus. The colloquium is a presentation of senior research from the biology, chemistry, physics and engineering, and psychology departments as well the interdisciplinary program in neuroscience. Three winners were chosen by faculty judges.

Troy Gessner earned first place for Synthesis and Analysis of a Novel Charge-Transfer Complex from 1,2,3,6,7,8-Hexahydropyrene and p-Chloranil. This research centered on the possibility of developing room-temperature superconducting charge-transfer complexes that could be used in MRI machines and other such applications, which would save money and energy over units that currently must be cooled to almost absolute zero.

David Shahbodaghi earned second place for Neuroprotective Effects of Minocycline and Melatonin: A Possible Putative Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease. This research project sought to assess potential neuroprotective agents which may slow or halt the progress of neural degeneration of nigrostriatal dopamine neurons within the substantia nigra compacta in a rat model of Parkinson’s Disease.Amy Miller, Physics and Engineering: 3rd Place

Amy Miller earned third place for Input State Transitions and Bipartite Pauli Channels with Memory. This study examined the classical communication capacities of quantum Pauli channels with memory from the standpoint of the functionally analogous task of channel memory identification.

Also presenting were:

Erin Lycans presented A Study on the Viability of Semen Collected From Wild Snakes to Further the Conservation Effort of Threatened and Endangered Species. The objectives of this study were to develop a noninvasive method of semen collection and to investigate the response of snake spermatozoa to increased certain specific changes in surrounding conditions.

Courtney Zink presented The Factors Influencing Individual Performance in Group Therapy. This project involved an investigation of the implicit effects of competition on individual performance.