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Science Division students present research at Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Week poster presentations, three winners named

The Science Division recently held its annual Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Week, during which students presented their research findings in poster presentations. Each worked with the faculty at Muskingum, as well as with experts and organizations from outside the campus. Winners of the poster competition were selected by Science Division faculty members.

First place was awarded to Ankur Joshi '08, who presented Prediction of the structure and nature of the “resuscitation promoting factor” protein secreted by the viable cells of micrococcus luteus.

Second place was awarded to Anna Belyaevskaya '08. who presented Comparison of HLA-C gene from a person affected by psoriasis and three people potentially carrying the gene.

Third place was awarded to Rebecca Schroeder '08, who presented Biochemical evidence of dystroglycan complex in epidermis.

Ashley Burkett '08 presented Taphonomy of mollusk species found in lagoonal cores of Smuggler’s Cove, U.S. Virgin Islands.

Ashley Campbell '08 and Associate Professor of Biology Dr. Jim Dooley presented Composition and ecology of myxomycetes in a temperate deciduous forest of southeastern Ohio.

Scott Carpenter '08 presented Phase 10, research on a popular card game.

Nick Daniels '08 presented Commercial type effect of product value, entertainment and creativity.

Joseph D. Foreman '08 and Associate Professor of Geology Dr. Stephen Van Horn presented Quantifying land use and water quality changes within a small rural watershed in southeastern Ohio (1961-2004).

Jonathan Grennell '08, Jessica Teaff '08 and Associate Professor of Biology Dr. Jim Dooley presented Giraffe nutrition study at The Wilds, Ohio.

Rohan Gupta '08 presented College Tour, research on the use of virtual reality for international students.

Taylor Hammond '08 presented The effect of self-ambivalence level on attribution.

Nicklaus J. Hess '08 presented Localization of a dystroglycan complex in human epidermis.

Brock M. Huntsman '08 and The Homer A. Anderson Distinguished Professor of the Natural Sciences Dr. Danny Ingold presented Parasite loads in largemouth bass (micropterus salmoides) on a reclaimed surface mine in southeastern Ohio (The Wilds).

Wes Jordan '08 presented Evidence of the stilostomella extinction during the mid-pleistocene in the central north Atlantic Ocean: Integrated ocean drilling program (IODP) expedition 306 site u1314 on the Gardar Drift.

Catherine Kistler '11 presented Romantic relationships: Are we similar to our partners?

Oksana Kyrychenko '08 presented Satisfaction in long distance relationships.

Greg Leasure '08 and Associate Professor of Biology Dr. Jim Dooley presented, A population estimation of white-tailed deer (odocoileus virginianus) at The Wilds.

Amanda LeFever '08 and Professor of Chemistry Dr. Raymond D Rataiczak presented Synthesis and characterization of the pyrene- 7,7,8,8-tetracyanoquinodimethane charge transfer complex.

Megan Lucas '08 presented Do long-distance relationships effect social involvement?

Amy Miller '10 and Dr.Michael Misovich of Hope College presented Explicit vapor pressure prediction from the PRSV equation of state.

Craig Miller '08 and Associate Professor of Chemistry Dr. Deepamali Perera presented Synthesis and characterization of pyrimidopyrimidoindole nucleosides: fluorescent probes for abasic dna sites.

Shawn Miller '08 presented Microsoft XNA game development studio.

Jenna Parrish '11 and Anna Belyaevskaya '08 presented Cloning and expression of the taq DNA polymerase gene from thermus aquaticus.

Elizabeth K. Pittner '08 presented Personality and juror decision.

Sarah Reams '08 presented The effects of heat stress on the viability and thermotolerance of bacillus cereus atcc 12826.

Robert Rebecca '08 presented Perceived appropriateness of crime.

David Shahbodaghi '10 presented Independent chemical research with Dr. Eric J. Schurter, Ph.D.

Brittany Shannon '08 presented College enrollment factors in high school students.

Kelli Simmerman '11 presented Bullying among adolescents.

Jennifer Sorrell '08 presented Ice-rafted debris in the north Atlantic during the pleistocene (~1.4-1.7 ma): integrated ocean drilling program expedition 306, site u1314.

Jason Tarbert '08 and Associate Professor of Geology Dr. Stephen Van Horn presented Effects of surface mining on stream water quality in the Wills Creek watershed, southeastern Ohio: PH, specific conductance and sulfate trends.

Bonnie Whitt '08 and Assistant Professor of Biology Dr. Amy Santas presented Use of a progesterone assay to detect pregnancy in rhinoceroses at The Wilds.

Michael Zimmermann '08 and The Homer A. Anderson Distinguished Professor of the Natural Sciences Dr. Danny Ingold presented Parasite loads in three sunfish species (lepomis sp.) on reclaimed surface mine ponds in southeastern Ohio (The Wilds).