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Muskingum students teach in Ireland

Kimble and McLaughlinFor the first time in Muskingum’s history, two education majors have traveled to Ireland to complete the student teaching component of their baccalaureate degree. Seniors Leslie Kimble and Kelly McLaughlin will be serving as student teachers in Ireland. Kimble, with a concentration in adolescent/young adult-social studies, and McLaughlin, with an early childhood focus, will teach in Irish schools until May 2005.

Now, a unique partnership allows Muskingum to offer talented education majors opportunities to complete their field experience in international settings. Since the program’s inception, Muskingum has sent three students to New Zealand, two students to Australia, two students to England and one student to South Africa. With Kimble and McLaughlin teaching in schools just south of Dublin, the geographic borders of this unique program continue to expand.

As part of their student teaching obligations, Kimble and McLaughlin will develop and implement lesson plans, be responsible for classroom management, engage in professional development activities and oversee assessment requirements. While these responsibilities mirror the obligations of their classmates, who are student teaching in the United States, the educational, cultural and social differences of the international experiences have, thus far, proved life altering.

In an increasingly globalized world, student teachers with international experience will be able to profoundly impact their students. The diversity and breadth of their experiences abroad will help them shape a unique educational environment for their students. Leslie Kimble reflects, “I feel that my international experience will give me more confidence. I know that I can go into any school and teach, no matter what the situation because I have done it once already.”

“The international student teaching program further prepares our students to become teacher leaders,” said Dr. Vicki Wilson, Professor of Education & Assistant Dean of Academic Affiars for Teacher Education. “Our mandate is to encourage, equip and empower the teachers of tomorrow and this program provides new venues to achieve these important goals,” she noted.

IN THE PHOTO: Leslie Kimble (left) and Kelly McLaughlin.