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Muskingum University Intramural Guidelines


The purpose of the intramural sports program is to provide exercise, promote a positive use of leisure time, enrich social skills, and develop group loyalty. Competition is organized according to interest on campus in a variety of activities, as well as availability of facilities and equipment.


Entry forms will be distributed to intramural reps before the start of each activity. They will also be available from the office of the Director of Intramurals. After completing the entry form, it must be returned to the office of the Director of Intramurals by the deadline for that sport.

First and last names for all players must be printed on the official entry form. Through the first week of competition, the roster may be changed by deleting and adding names. After the first week of competition, teams may add names (as long as they are within the roster numbers limit) until the championship game, but may not delete or change names. You may change the roster through the intramural student assistants or through Coach Newberry. All teams must have a team name when the entry form is turned in (Intramural Director reserves the right to censor team names).


All captain meetings will be held prior to the beginning of a sport. There must be a captain or team representative present at the meeting. League schedules and rules will be discussed. Any team not represented at the meeting will start off the season with a loss on their record before any games are played.

The team captain is responsible for entering the team for league play, filling out the roster, and keeping team members informed of dates and times of all their team's scheduled games. The captain is expected to cooperate fully with game officials in regard to line ups, injuries, scores, players or team conduct, and any other problems that arise during participation.


The method of determining the champion and breaking ties will be distributed for each sport at the captains meeting. Awards will be presented to teams that win regular season play. Members of championship teams must have played in at least two games to be eligible for an award.


Rubber cleats may be worn for outdoor intramural activities. No metal spikes or metal tipped plastic spikes are permitted.

Regulation tennis shoes or basketball shoes are required in the gym. Shoes must be carry-in shoes. No black soled shoes are permitted.


Each individual participating in intramurals assumes the risk for any harm or injuries incurred while participating. Therefore, it is strongly suggested that each individual have sufficient health insurance coverage either through the college or through their own personal insurance.


  1. Any full or part time student, faculty, staff, or spouse of a faculty/staff is eligible to participate.
  2. Members of varsity or junior varsity intercollegiate teams at Muskingum are ineligible to participate in that sport or its related sport (example softball to baseball, flag f ootball to football, etc.). If an athlete has participated in one intercollegiate contest at the junior varsity or varsity level, they have used a year of their intramural eligibility for that sport.
  3. If an intramural sport precedes an intercollegiate season for the same or related sport, members of the varsity or junior varsity team from the past academic year who have intercollegiate eligibility remaining will be ineligible for intramural participation in that sport. Any member of an intercollegiate team is eligible to participate in that intramural sport the following year.
  4. Any individual classified as a "red shirt" or "hardship" athlete and who works out with the intercollegiate team is not eligible in that sport or its related sport.
  5. No player may compete as a member of two teams in the same sport in the same intramural season.
  6. All members of a team sponsored by a student organization, must have been a member of that organization on t he first day of the current semester in order to be eligible to participate for that organization. (For example: pledges are not allowed to participate in the semester they pledge for a fraternity or sorority.) Any team who represents a group (as oposed to being independent) must have all their team members from the group represented.


Good sportsmanship is vital to conducting a successful intramural program. Officials and supervisors will make decisions on whether to warn, penalize, eject, or suspend indi viduals or teams for poor sportsmanship. At any point during a game, an official or supervisor may eject a player for unsportsmanlike conduct. In addition, they may stop the game at any point and declare a forfeit.


No protests regarding rules, penalties, or interpretations are allowed. Discrepancies and controversies must be resolved on site by officials, the supervisor, and the invol ved parties.

Protests regarding the eligibility of a player may be made before, during, or within 24 hours after the completion of the game. If a player is found to be illegal before the game, then the game must be played without that illegal player. If the protest is made during the game, the player in question will finish the game, but if the protest is upheld the game will be forfeited by the offending team. If a player is protested within 24 hours after completion of the game and the protest is upheld the offending team will forfeit.


Any team not ready to play within 5 minutes of the scheduled starting time will automatically forfeit. In the event of unavoidable delay, the starting time can be delayed at the discretion of the officials or supervisor. Two forfeits will constitute a team being dropped from the leagues.


Any team or individual who has alcohol in their possession at an intramural event or is perceived to be intoxicated by officials and intramural supervisors will forfeit that contest.

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