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Université du Sud Toulon-Var (La Garde, near Toulon, France)


Requirements: Students need to have at least sophomore standing with a minimum GPA of 2.5. You do not need to have prior knowledge of French to attend Toulon-Var, although it is recommended. Students who do not speak French must attend during the Fall semester.

Financial Responsibilities: Students are responsible for transportation costs to and from the host institution, incidentals (such as materials for class, books, etc.), health insurance at the host institution, room and board, and any extra expenses. Tuition is paid the the home institution, and scholarships for tuition still apply. It is recommended that you have 500 euro per month for rent and other living expenses.

Room: Most of UTV's 8600 students are commuters. However, lodging at the university is provided by C.L.O.U.S., a separate entity from the university. Rent is paid directly to their office, in cash. C.L.O.U.S. has two dormitories, Le Coudon and Le Faron, named for the two mountains nearby. Le Coudon has 314 rooms to rent for about 215 EUR per month, and they contain a bed, storage space, a sink and mirror and bathrooms. Showers and kitchenettes are communal. Le Faron, comprised of studio apartments, has 285 rooms for about 300 EUR per month. Ususally most exchange students dorm in Le Coudon on a floor together.

Board: The university does not offer pre-paid meal plans. Students are eigher to purchase meal tickets before meal time or to pay for their meal in cash while showing their student ID card. Cost of meals in the dining halls is about 3-3.50 EUR. You will receive a small discount by purchasing tickets in advance. There is also a commercial center close to campus with a variety of meal choices.

Classes: Université du Sud de Toulon-Var has several different faculties that teach a variety of courses. An exchange student from Muskingum would be designated under the faculty Langues Etrangères Appliquées, or L.E.A. Under this designation a student would be placed in a French for Foreigners class as well as other classes that would fulfill either an LAE or a major or minor requirement for Muskingum. Fall classes run from late Spetember to December with finals in January. Spring semester runs from February to late May with finals in June. Exchange students are generally exempt from taking finals in January and June.

About Toulon: UTV is located outside the city of Toulon, in a suburb called La Garde. The city of Toulon is easily accessible by public bus transport, and there are several shopping and dining areas within walking distance of the school. Located between the foothills of the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea, this area of Provence enjoys about 300 sunny days a year, low humidity, and a temperature within 50-80° year-round. The winter brings rain and a heavy wind called le mistral. Toulon is in the extreme south of Provence, and several cities nearby are worth a visit. The food in the area has Italian and Middle Eastern influences, as well as its own distinctly French cuisine.

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