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Deggendorf University of Applied Sciences (Deggendorf, Bavaria, Germany)


Requirements: Students wishing to study at Deggendorf must be in good academic standing at Muskingum and be in their sophomore year of study. Students do not need to have prior knowledge of the German language to study at Deggendorf: many of the classes are in English.

Financial Responsibilities: Students are responsible for transportation costs to and from the host institution, incidentals (such as materials for class, books, etc.), health insurance at the host institution, room and board and living expenses. Tuition is paid to the home institution and scholarships for tuition still apply. It is recommended that you have 450-500 EUR per month for rent and other living expenses.

Room and Board: Students can choose from shared apartments (3 bedrooms, a shower, toilet, kitchen, and washroom) for 200-210 EUR, or more expensive, private apartments which cost 180-350 EUR excluding meals and utility costs (35-80 EUR/month).

Classes: Muskingum College offers a semester or a year-long study abroad program at Deggendorf University of Applied Sciences. All courses in International Management are taught in English and count towards the major in International Business at Muskingum College. The two-semester study abroad includes an internship with a German/international company provided by Deggendorf University. Courses in German can be applied to the German major/minor. Fall semester starts October 1 and lasts through February 14. Spring semester is from March 15-July 31.

About Deggendorf: Deggendorf aspires to great heights: the city itself reaches from the banks of the Danube river to the peaks of the Bavarian Forest, a rise in altitude of 800 meters. In earlier days, that was quite a trek on foot. In addition, the city lies directly on a former, important European trade route. Large excursions of tradesmen stopped in Deggendorf while traveling on the Danube to the east towards the Boehmer Forest and back. Deggendorf directly benefited from this trade. The city seal says it all: the open gate with waves symbolizes both the attitude and mobility of this little city on the Danube in east-Bavaria. (taken from

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