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Rules and Tips for a Successful Application

General Tips

  • If a document you are submitting is irreplaceable, please let us know in advance, and we will make our own copy and return the original to you. Otherwise, all submitted documents become the property of Muskingum University.
  • Although you may submit your application in several parts, you must submit all required documents within one year of the first document received by Muskingum University. Financial statements should be current with the last documentation received.
  • Any instance of fraud or misrepresentation in any part of an application, will be grounds for terminating the application. If an application is terminated for fraud or misrepresentation, no documents will be returned.
  • Students from Ghana, the Gambia, Nigeria, Liberia and Sierra Leone must submit West African Examinations Council WASSCE or SSSCE test results.
  • At this time, applications are not being accepted directly from Nigerian students. Interested students must apply through a Study in the USA Educational Advising Center:

Application Form

  • Your application form should be neat and clear. International admission applications are created as fillable .pdf documents, meaning that you can fill out the information electronically and print it.
  • Attach an additional sheet of paper if there is not room to include all of your information on the application form.
  • Keep your personal information consistent and always spell your name the same way on all documents. Your name should be written exactly as it appears in your passport.
  • Please be specific in telling us how you heard about Muskingum. If you learned about us on the Internet, please tell us where: US Journal, Study in the USA, Hobsons, etc. If a friend or relative told you about Muskingum, please give us his or her name and any additional information you can (ex: “John Smith, who went to school there, told me about Muskingum”).
  • Avoid abbreviations; it is better to write the names and addresses of your schools, employers, examinations, and awards in full. We may not be familiar with your abbreviations.
  • Provide information about your education or employment experiences in a logical order – either chronological or reverse chronological order.

Transcripts/Academic Credentials

  • We require official records to document past education. These are called transcripts and include a list of all the classes that you have taken at secondary school, when they were taken, and the grades or marks you received for each class.
  • Transcripts must include records for each year of secondary (or upper secondary school), usually four years. If you have not yet finished school, you may submit transcripts up to your current term, and submit your final term grades when they come out.
  • Your school will be expected to submit official documents that provide this kind of information on letterhead paper with the school stamp, and should be sent in an envelope sealed by your school or sent directly from the school.
  • If we determine that we are unable evaluate your transcripts or documents, we may require you to pay a fee for an international credential evaluator to evaluate your documents.
  • In addition to a transcript, you must also send original or certified copies of the originals of secondary school diplomas, certificates, final examination results, or records of your performance in any national or leaving examinations administered in your home country.
  • Copies should be certified with an official seal from the school, or certified by a public official authorized to certify such documents. We prefer an Education USA office certification and you can find the nearest office at

Recommendation Letters

  • Letters of recommendation may come from the head or principal of your school, your school counselor, your personal tutor, or any teachers who know you well.
  • Your recommenders must be able to write about your academic work and be able to assess your potential to do well at university level. If you know the subject in which you plan to major, have your teacher in that subject write a recommendation letter.
  • If you have additional recommendations from activities outside of school, make sure that the recommenders states in what capacity he or she knows you and how his or her evaluation of you relates to your academic ability.
  • Poorly written, negative, or late recommendations will reflect on your judgment in picking recommenders, so choose with care.
  • Remind your recommenders to write the letters on the letterhead of the school and include complete title and contact information, and to sign the sealed flap of the envelope before mailing.


  • The essay gives us a chance to get a personal glimpse of you, an insight that is not possible in the grades and numbers that make up the rest of your application. The essay also allows us to assess your writing skills, organizational skills, purpose in applying to Muskingum, and your reasons for your chosen field of study.
  • We strongly recommend that you not say what you think we want to read – just tell us the truth about why you’re interested in attending Muskingum.


  • Even if the language of your education was English, you may be required to submit scores from a test of English proficiency. The standards of English vary widely, and we want to be sure that your level of English will allow you to be successful at Muskingum.
  • We must receive your test scores directly from the testing agency. If you have already taken the test, you will need to contact the agency and give them our institutional routing code, 1496, in order to have your official results sent. There may be a fee for this service after the test. If you have not already taken the test, be sure to include Muskingum on the list of schools to receive your scores.
  • Submitted scores may be no more than 1 year old when your application is completed.

Financial Statement

  • Information on your financial support must be included with your application, whether or not you are applying for any financial aid.
  • Although your financial position is not a consideration in the decision whether to grant you admission or scholarships, we will issue the relevant certificate of eligibility (I-20 or DS-2019) for a student visa ONLY if you are able to adequately document the sources of support for your education.
  • Each sponsor should submit a letter of support with complete contact information, stating how he or she will support you. Will he or she be covering all of your expenses? Will he or she provide a certain amount (in US Dollars) each year – for how many years? Each sponsor must also provide official bank records to verify their ability to support you.
  • All financial statements should be original documents. Faxes or photocopies are never acceptable.
  • If bank statements are being submitted, you must include three consecutive months of statements, and the most recent may not be more than three months old (ideally, it should be the most recent three months).