Wellness Center Services

The Wellness Center is located east of Lakeside Drive on South Street. The nursing staff (see contacts below) is on duty Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. during the traditional academic year. Physician services are provided each weekday in a walk-in clinic setting.  The Wellness Center services are available to all traditional full-time undergraduate Muskingum University students.

Our clinic hours for this week of are listed below:

Monday:       Dr. Roger Ward                   1-4pm
Tuesday:      Dr. Courtney Bonner            1-4pm
Wednesday:  Dr. Michelle Bisutti              1-4pm
Thursday:     Stephen Sandlund CRNP      1-4pm
Friday:          Dr. Roger Ward                  9am-12noon

Nursing Staff:

Susan Fracker, RN, C

Sarah Dickson, RN, BA

Director of Wellness Center Staff Nurse
sfracker@muskingum.edu sdickson@muskingum.edu
740-826-8150 740-826-8150

Most physician clinic charges incurred at the Wellness Center are covered by benefits payable under a university purchased student health plan (for traditional full-time undergraduates). Any non-covered expenses will be billed to the student through the University Student Accounts Office and it is to that office that payment be directed.

The Wellness Center pharmacy license allows the university physician staff to prescribe and dispense medication for student illness or injury. There may be a co-pay amount relative to the type and expense of the prescribed medication, which will be charged to the student’s college account. Prescriptions will be written by the physician for medication not stocked by the Wellness Center but deemed appropriate for an individual student’s treatment. The prescription may be filled at a local pharmacy at the student’s expense. Please note: The Wellness Center is not a working pharmacy and does not fill prescriptions from any source other than our university physicians.

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