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The Registrar’s Office, located in Montgomery Hall room 119, supports University’s mission to offer quality academic programs by facilitating the transition of students from initial enrollment to degree completion while ensuring adherence to academic policies and regulations, providing appropriate access to academic information, and offering accurate and timely administrative services to meet the diverse needs of students, faculty, administration, alumni and the community.

Transcript Requests

Order a Transcript

You can specify multiple recipients (schools, employers, self, or others) in a single request, with one or more transcripts going to each recipient.  You will also be able to track the order status of your transcripts via web-login, email and text-messages.  Transcripts ordered online are $8.00 per copy, with a $2.25 processing fee per address.  Remember, transcripts will not be sent if you have an outstanding bill.


If you are planning to graduate within the next 12-18 months, and have not yet applied to graduate, please fill out an Application to Graduate (available online or in the Registrar's Office) as soon as possible.

Advanced Placement Credit

If you took AP courses, you can see how credits for AP courses are awarded on the Advanced Placement Credit page.

Calculating a GPA

Do you need to calculate a GPA but don't know how? Calculating Your GPA and GPA Calculator Utility are some online tools we've posted to help take the mystery out of GPA calcuation. You can also check out information that shows how to Reach a Threshold GPA, along with a Threshold GPA Calculator to help you figure out what Term GPA you need to achieve in order to bring your Cumulative GPA to a specific level.

Faculty Resources

Here is a link to the Faculty Resources Page.


Here is the Template for the 2011-2012 course schedule.


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