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Religion 353: Religion and Gender Resources

Background Information
The Encyclopedia of Religion (REF BL 31 .E46 2005)
Extensive fifteen-volume encyclopedia covering many topics, terms, and people related to the many religions of the world. Updated from the first edition published in 1987, it contains over 1,000 new articles.

Encyclopedia of Religion and Society
This web based encyclopedia contains articles that look at the intersection of religion and society. Although more heavily oriented toward North America, the scope is global, and an effort has been made to address the major traditions of world religious experience.

Sexuality and the World’s Religions
This work covers how different faiths view sexuality. Includes a detailed annotated bibliography for further research.

Religion Subject Guide
Additional reference sources are listed for the Bible, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, religion in America, and world religions.

Primary Sources of Religious Texts
Bible Gateway
The Bible Gateway is a tool for reading and researching scripture online. It provides advanced searching capabilities to find and compare particular passages in scripture based on keywords, phrases, or scripture reference.

The Bible in English
Twenty-one versions of the Bible in full text, from the 10th to the 20th centuries. more information

The New Interpreter’s Bible (REF BS491.2 .N484 1994)
Multi-volume resource containing the biblical text with commentary. Also contains introductions for each biblical book as well as an outline of the book and a bibliography.

Strongest Strong's Exhaustive Concordance (REF BS425 .S8 2003)
An exhaustive concordance to the KJV Bible, includes the most up-to-date Hebrew and Greek dictionaries for precise word studies.

Holy Qur'an Full Text
The Qur'an in full text.

Holy Qur'an Search
Simple, proximity, and boolean search the Qur'an.

The Holy Qur'an (REF BP109 .A39 1983)
Print version of the Koran with commentary.

The Qur'an: An Encyclopedia (REF BP133 .Q87 2006)
Provides brief description of concepts, people, and places in the Qur'an.

Translation of Sahih Bukhari
Sahih Bukhari is a collection of sayings and deeds of Prophet Muhammad. The reports of the Prophet's sayings and deeds are called ahadith. Bukhari (full name Abu Abdullah Muhammad bin Ismail bin Ibrahim bin al-Mughira al-Ja'fai) was born in 194 A.H. and died in 256 A.H.

Translation of Sahih Muslim
Sahih Muslim is a collection of sayings and deeds of Prophet Muhammad. Muslim (full name Abul Husain Muslim bin al-Hajjaj al-Nisapuri) was born in 202 A.H. and died in 261 A.H.

Partial Translation of Sunan Abu-Dawud
Sunan Abu-Dawud is a collection of sayings and deeds of Prophet Muhammad. Abu-Dawud (full name Abu-Dawud Sulaiman bin Al-Aash'ath Al-Azdi as-Sijistani) was born in 202 A.H. and died in 275 A.H.

Translation of Malik's Muwatta
Malik's Muwatta is a collection the sayings and deeds of Prophet Muhammad and the legal opinions and decisions of the Prophet's Companions, their successors, and some later authorities. Malik (full name Malik bin Anas bin Malik bin Abu Amir Al-Asbahi) was born in 93 A.H. and died in 179 A.H.

Hadith Search
Search one or all four of the previous collections of the sayings and deeds of Prophet Muhammad.

Find Current Religious Issues in the News
LexisNexis Academic - News search
Use to find newspaper articles on your topic. Defaults to US News and the last three months. Change source to News All or Major World Papers for international content.

Academic Search Complete
Use to find current popular articles on your topic.

Find Scholarly Articles on Religion Issues
ATLA Religion Database
Use to find scholarly articles from a western Christian perspective. Tip: Find articles discussing scripture by searching (book chapter: verse).scr.
example: (Leviticus 18: 22).scr. more information

Anthropology Plus | off-campus
Use to find articles about religious traditions, rituals, and ceremonies.

Electronic Journal Center (OhioLINK)
Use to find scholarly articles covering all religious traditions.

Religion and Philosophy Collection
Use to find scholarly and popular articles. more information

Gender Studies Database
Use to find scholarly articles from a gender studies perspective. more information

Use to find scholarly and popular articles from a lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trangendered perspective. more information

Women's Studies International
Use to find scholarly articles from a women’s studies perspective. more information

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