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MAP: Degree Requirements

Three undergraduate degrees are offered. Majors in Nursing receive the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). Three business majors (business administration, marketing, and human resource management) and four health majors (community health, healthcare management, health science, and health studies) are available in the adult degree completion program. These seven majors require an associate’s degree and lead to a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree. For more information, please consult the MAP Guidebook.

Students majoring in biology, chemistry, computer science, conservation science, earth science, engineering science, environmental science, geology, mathematics, molecular biology, neuroscience, physics, physics education, or psychology may choose to receive either the Bachelor of Science (BS) or the Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree. All other majors are awarded the Bachelor of Arts (BA).

All undergraduate degrees require fulfillment of the following:

  1. A minimum of 124 credit hours for the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science Degree; 130 for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (a minimum of 124 for the RN to BSN). A maximum of 48 credit hours in any one discipline may be included in this total. In the case of courses of study leading to teacher licensure, the ACS-certified chemistry major, the Engineering Science major, and the music major, the student may apply up to the minimum credit hours required for the major toward the 124 for graduation. A maximum of three physical education activities courses, three language tables, and ten music ensembles may apply within the 124 hours.
  2. A minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 for all work taken at Muskingum University; a minimum GPA of 2.0 for all coursesin the major(s) and, where the option is taken, a minimum GPA of 2.0 for the minor(s).
  3. A minimum of 40 credit hours earned in 300- and 400-level courses.
  4. Satisfactory completion of at least one departmental or interdisciplinary major. All work within the specified discipline is counted as part of the major or minor. In the case of students pursuing multiple majors or minors in the same department, the GPA for each is calculated separately; an overall GPA of 2.0 in the academic discipline must be maintained. (Students pursuing multiple majors may write separate senior seminars, one in each of the disciplines involved, or with approval of each department chair, write one interdisciplinary seminar, credit for which is given in the department of their choice. Although the interdisciplinary seminar counts toward the credit hour requirements of only one major, the project may fulfill the senior studies requirement of all departments involved.)
  5. At least 12 credit hours of the major completed in the junior and senior years at Muskingum.
  6. The last 31 credit semester hours toward graduation must be earned as a degree seeking student at Muskingum University or in approved off-campus study.
  7. Transfer students must successfully complete a minimum of 32 credit hours at Muskingum University (includes approved off-campus study programs). Note: Only work at the “C-” level or higher is accepted for transfer from other colleges and universities. Requirements for some programs may require a higher grade for transfer. For further information see Transfering Courses.
  8. Satisfactory completion of the Liberal Arts Essentials. MAP students should consult the Transfer Admission Information in the Admission section of the Undergraduate Course Catalog for more information about the transfer module.

MAP General Requirements

All students at Muskingum University must satisfy the requirements of the Program of Liberal Arts Essentials (LAE).

The Liberal Arts Essentials that form the general education curriculum at Muskingum University ensure the breadth inherent in a liberal arts education. This broad educational base includes skills, knowledge, and dispositions. A liberal arts education requires that we understand the foundations of knowledge and inquiry about nature, culture, self, and society; that we master core skills of perception, analysis, and expression; that we cultivate a respect for the truth; that we recognize the importance and the diversity of historical and cultural contexts; and that we explore connections among formal learning, citizenship, and service to our communities.

LAE Core Requirements (15-22 credits, including 6-8 writing unit credits)
The core provides the foundation on which a meaningful liberal arts and sciences education is built. The core consists of courses and components that emphasize fundamental communication and critical thinking skills, equip students with essential tools and knowledge for advanced learning, and contribute to students’ intellectual, spiritual, social, and physical well being.

  1. Writing
    1. Composition
    2. Two writing unit courses, one at the 300- or 400-level. A “writing unit” is a course that utilizes formal writing as a substantial modeof learning. It is identified in the Undergraduate Course Schedulelistings on the web and in the MAP Schedule by the symbol #preceding the course title.
  2. Speaking
  3. Mathematics (A mathematics course of at least 3 hours, excluding Math 090: Developmental Mathematics)
  4. Understanding the Arts and Humanities of Western Culture
  5. Achieving Wellness
    1. Achieving Wellness
    2. Two courses selected from offerings listed under Physical Education 102 through 140. Physical Education Service Courses.

LAE Area Requirements (35-37 credits)
In addition to the LAE Core Requirements, all students must meet the LAE Area Requirements, which include select courses from the following categories:

  1. Understanding Religion and Ethics
    1. Religious Understanding
    2. Moral Inquiry
  2. Scientific Understanding
  3. Cultural Understanding
    1. The Global Society
      1. Communicating in the World
      2. Social Foundations
      3. International Perspectives
    2. The Western Heritage
      1. Western Heritage Part A
      2. Western Heritage Part B
      3. Western Heritage Part C
    3. The American Experience


Note: All students enrolled in nursing will be held to the policies and procedures contained in the Nursing Department Student Handbook as well as the Muskingum University Student Handbook. The Nursing Department Student Handbook contains additional policies and procedures required of these professional students. The Nursing Department’s purpose, mission, philosophy, organizational framework, and curriculum outcomes for both the pre-licensure and post-licensure tracks are published in the Nursing Department Student Handbook.


For a complete listing of MAP requirements, policies and procedures please refer to the Muskingum Adult Program Guidebook(pdf).