Student Conduct

Ultimate authority for student discipline is vested in the Board of Trustees of the University and operational authority is delegated through the President of the University to the Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students for matters falling under the Non-Academic Code of Student Conduct and to the Vice President for Academic Affairs for matters related to academic conduct. Students and organizations are expected and will be encouraged to manage their individual and group behaviors, however, the Vice President of Student Affairs charges the professional Student Affairs staff with responsibility to exercise jurisdiction when the best interests of the University may be served and/or when students fail or delay unnecessarily in carrying out their delegated roles and responsibilities.

Due to the complexity of the concept of community responsibility and accountability, and the nature of innovation and human behavior, a complete list of prohibited behaviors would be impossible to provide. Therefore, the Code of Student Conduct sets out specific standards and expectations as examples, though they are not intended to be exhaustive in scope nor detail. Rather, students should know that violation of or attempts to violate the behavioral guidelines specifically detailed or implied herein - whether through verbal, written, electronic or other means - or knowingly (including when one should reasonably have known) creating a situation through which a violation will occur, will subject a student to discipline under the Code.

If you have questions about the campus judicial system, the Code of Student Conduct, or the Behavior Education process on campus, please contact the Student Life Office. The staff members are happy to discuss your questions.

Community Service Sanctions: If you have received community service hours as part of your judicial sanction then you are responsible for completing those hours on time and turning in your hours to Amber Zifzal (

Muskingum University Conduct Reporting Form

Contact Amber Zifzal
Director of Student Conduct
Office: (740) 826-8087

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