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muskei Programsmuskei
Each year Muskingum University has annual programs that are put in perspective of the kids to just kick back and take a load off of all the stress that being a college kid has to offer. From comedians, celebrity artist, to vocal speakers Muskingum brings ways to unify the school in becoming a family. Amongst the events are as follows:


nHome Coming n
On the second week of October 11th alumni and current students rally together and celebrate the homecoming of Muskingum University. Student as well as parents cheer the football team on as they try to defeat an arch rival of the OAC conference. John Glen's gym is filled with thrilled scholars enjoying the time of their lives with people that they won't forget.



th eperfect family Parents Weekend th eperfect family
On the first weekend of April parents will enjoy their youth as their kids now do. Parents get a week to appreciate time with their kids and enjoy entertainment that the school has to offer. They enjoy a wide range of acivities such as scholarship day, the talent show, and other types of activities for parents to enjoy.



headrer Greek Week headrer
Greek week is a week long competition between all of the Greek organizations. From fraternities to Sorrorities each Greek life shows who's better mentally, physically and competively. The events that take place range from flag football, volleyball and many more bonecruching events. It builds bonding between brother and sisterhoods in an everlasting relationship between your group.


all for one one for all


varsityblueVarsity Review varsityblue
A talent show that showcases the talented Muskies while greek organizations showcase the reasons to go Greek. You see alot of gifts that you never knew certain people possessed and alot of extra cirricular activites students are involved in that you were not aware of




illuminatti Open Houses illuminatti
A chance for independent students to get to know about all the Greek Organizations.




grek life grek life grek life


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