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Major Areas of Study: CHEMISTRY

Student Stories

Recent Graduates

  • Erica Booth ('06) will be attending Dental School at The Ohio State University.  As an undergraduate, Erica was very involved as an officer in the Student Affiliates group of the American Chemical Society at Muskingum College.  She also was a Peer Leader in the Peer-Led Team-Learning program in the general chemistry curriculum, and was a leader in the Wonders of Our World (WOW) program, which educates area elementary school students on the wonders of science.

  • Amanda Morgan ('06), a Chemistry & Molecular Biology double-major, will be starting her medical program at a DO school in Kentucky.  Mandy was also very active as an officer in the Student Affiliates of the ACS.

  • Heather Nees ('06), also a Chemistry & Molecular Biology double-major, will be starting a Ph.D. program in marine science at the University of Delaware.

  • Erin Klenk ('05) is currently at the University of Cincinnati as a first year graduate student. The program she has entered is called the Flex program, which after the first year allows her to choose what department she would like to join to qualify and pursue her Ph.D. Erin has chosen to join the Immunibiology program and will be studying in the lab of Dr. Robert Colbert. The lab is working on understanding how a certain MHC class I molecule known as HLA-B27 is involved in the pathogenesis of an arthritic disease, Ankylosing Sondylitis (AS).

  • Nicole Dickson graduated in 2004 as an ACS-certified chemistry major.  While academics were her first priority, she had many other interests.  She was president of the Green Party, and was also a strong student of the visual arts.  She was highly creative in many ways, composing songs, for example, for each week of chemistry lab.  She is currently working for CAS (Chemical Abstract Service), a division of the American Chemical Society, which produces the world's largest and most comprehensive databases of chemical and related scientific information for the research community.

  • Sarah McBeth was a triple major in chemistry, biology and molecular biology, and graduated in 2004.  She received a highly prestigious fellowship from the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, and is working in Epidemiology at the State Lab of Wisconsin in Madison.  As a student at Muskingum College, during all four years, Sarah worked for the chemistry department as a tutor in general and organic chemistry, and as a stockroom assistant in charge of other student workers.

  • Sayuri Matsuura was a double major in chemistry and molecular biology, and graduated in 2003.  In addition to her great interest in science, she was also very creative as a writer, poet, and ceramic artist.  She spent a year in Japan as an exchange student exploring her roots as well as learning the culture.  From Muskingum, she went directly into a Ph.D. in molecular biology at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.
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