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Community Healthand Wellness Major

Liberal Arts Requirements
Muskingum University accepts the Ohio Board of Regents (OBR) Transfer Module. Students must successfully complete the OBR Transfer Module minimum requirement of at least 36 semester hours of which the following minimums must be met in each category:

  • English Composition/Oral Communication (3 hours minimum)
  • Mathematics/Statistics (3 hours minimum)
  • Arts/Humanities (6 hours minimum)
  • Social/Behavioral Sciences (6 hours minimum)
  • Natural Sciences (6 hours minimum)

Note: Muskingum University course equivalents may be used to fulfill requirements of OBR Transfer Module

Technical Credits Transferred from Associate’s Degree
Credits earned from an approved associate’s degree program in an allied health field

Community Health and Wellness Major (30 semester hours for major)

Core Requirements (18 Credit Hours)
HLSC 301 The American Healthcare System (3)
HLSC 304 Statistics for the Health Sciences (3)
HLSC 307 Health Communications & Promotion (3)
HLSC 406 Legal Issues in Healthcare (3)
HLSC 495 Seminar in Health Science (3)
PHIL 305 Biomedical Ethics (3)

Community Health and Wellness Electives (12 Credit Hours)
Choose Four of the Following:
PSYC 308 Adolescence and Youth (3)
PSYC 309 Adulthood and Aging (3)
SOCI 320 Racial and Cultural Minorities (3)
SOCI 345 Sociology of the Family (3)
HLSC 312 Social Gerontology (3)
HLSC 315 Public Health & Epidemiology (3)
HLTH 345 Personal Health (3)
HLTH 365 School and Community Health (3)
HLTH 380 Health Issues and Programs (3)

Note: Consult your advisor to ensure satisfaction of OBR Transfer Module, program requirements and other degree requirements

For a complete listing of MAP requirements, policies and procedures please refer to the Muskingum Adult Program Guidebook(pdf).